CX Live! Ep25: Learnings and Strategies for Future Briefings w/ Ellen Barnes Pfiffner

Podcast Length: 53 Minutes

In this episode, we discuss with Ellen Barnes Pfiffner what lessons learned and elements we can leverage for future briefings across team management, staffing, content management, executive support - and identify new ways teams can work together to orchestrate the most impactful customer experiences.

Episode highlights:

  • Using the past to help us shape and respond to unplanned and unexpected occurrences beyond our control in future customer briefings
  • How programs have pivoted to address virtual and other needs as they arise
  • Revisit the ABPM world class characteristics AND the new whitepaper from the hybrid task force
  • Leverage community-driven resources
  • Put an emphasis on working together globally
  • Schedule an updated workshop on facilitation
  • Budget and update to support in-person briefings
  • Consider ‘serial briefings’ and keep it brief
  • Create a ‘virtual center’
  • If you’re not ready for prime-time … wait
  • A nice example on innovation - Elizabeth Simpson has been reactive and visionary during these times and aptly facilitates a community, webinars, articles, and broadcasts to enrich the member experience.

Guest Info



Ellen is a Management Consultant with over 20 years of business experience spanning sales, marketing, operations, customer experience and training. She advises and coaches briefing programs globally on how to achieve their goals, increase revenue, and how to be best in class.

Ellen is so well known in our briefing community and is perhaps the most frequent session leader at ABPM Conferences, Fall Workshops events and provides ABPM Core Competency courses via webinars. She is an ABPM Advisory Board member emeritus and just received an ABPM Hero Award at this year’s Spring Conference for her tireless work to provide valuable information and resources to our entire community as soon as the pandemic hit and throughout 2020. She’s now serving on the ABPM Hybrid Taskforce.