CX Live! Ep32: Enhancing the Customer Experience with Technology w/ Bryan Hobbs

Podcast Length: 1 hr 3 min Minutes

In this episode, Bryan Hobbs shares his insights on the way technology truly elevates the customer experience.

Episode highlights:

  • The evolution of the Google Cloud program
  • Key elements currently being implemented for virtual briefings
  • Biggest challenges being faced
  • What ways does Bryan's team collaborate and support briefing managements to provide the most impact engagements possible
  • Places where technology most impacts the overall customer experience
  • What the future holds for Technology at Google and in the EBC industry
  • Lessons learned

Guest Info



Bryan has been a part of the Briefing Industry for 13 years and has 5 years sales experience.   Previously, Bryan was part of the Cisco EBC Program for 8.5 years and also Managed the Technology and Customer Experience at the Symantec Experience Center.  He is currently the Manager of the Demo & Content Team with the Google Cloud EBC Program. 

Google Cloud securely delivers cloud based services to users with speed and reliability while providing Insightful Data Analytics and the ability for customers to scale with agility —all on Google's infrastructure. Bryan joined the Cloud EBC team a little over a year ago and has recently completed an EBC refresh.  He and his team are now focused on growing the EBC program globally.

As part of working in the Briefing Industry, Bryan has been committed to have a multi-dimensional perspective on the use of technology in briefing programs. He has developed a passion around building relationships with internal and external customers, partners and account teams to drive business outcomes and enable customer success.