CX Live! Ep33: Creating Meaningful Moments to Remember w/ Patrick Muse

Podcast Length: 51 Minutes

Live! Ep33: Creating Meaningful Moments to Remember w/ Patrick Muse

IIn this episode, Patrick Muse shares his insights on how we can bring stories to life that touch our guests and provide them with moments they will remember long after their experience with our brand, team, and company.

Episode highlights:

  • Patrick's unique journey into the briefing world. 

  • The vision of the role of briefing programs to provide special moments for guests.

  • Centers that have provided memorable moments.

  • How to make a different for guests that engage with our teams and visit our centers.

  • Lessons learned.

Guest Info



Patrick is a leader in events and experience design with over 30 years of experience building programs and teams to accelerate and amplify strategic objectives for large enterprises. His expertise spans new product introductions, briefing programs, reference site programs, events programs that strengthen relationships, build trust, convey knowledge, build brands, and drive sales.

Patrick is a long-term member of ABPM and has served on the ABPM Advisory Board, has led sessions at conferences, and hosted tour days at his centers at Philips Healthcare and IBM Watson. Prior to that he held leadership events and experience roles at Hewlett Packard.

His passion for technology and showcasing healthcare solutions that make a difference in the world is what inspires him most. Patrick is starting a new role this month as the Sr. Director of Client Experience at Best Buy Health, and he is eager for the return of face-to-face experiences..