CX Live! Ep38: The Evolution of Briefing Programs - A Retrospective and Look Forward w/ Roxanne McCreery

Podcast Length: 59 Minutes

Live! Ep38: The Evolution of Briefing Programs - A Retrospective and Look Forward w/ Roxanne McCreery

In this episode, Roxanne McCreery, President Emeritus of ABPM, provides insights from her unique perspective into the foundational years of briefing programs and the biggest strategic breakthroughs that took place in the industry. From elevating key elements such as automating processes and working with subject matter experts (discussion leaders) to facilitation and integrations with CRM tools to prove true ROI, she discusses how the ABPM’s open culture has always supported programs in creating the best customer experiences possible.

Episode highlights:

  • The founding vision for briefing programs and how they’ve evolved
  • How facilitation and collecting feedback from customers has elevated what is possible from briefing programs
  • Key learnings on how the use of data is instrumental to managing a program effectively
  • The skillsets that briefing programs need to enhance the customer experience
  • How recent challenges and advancements have strengthened briefing programs and industry

Guest Info



Roxanne McCreery has been a member of the ABPM team since it was founded in 1994, becoming President in 1997. McCreery served in the role of President of ABPM for 21 years until her semi-retirement in 2018. Her values and vision for this community are woven through everything ABPM does to serve the membership and she remains a mentor and sounding board for the full-time ABPM team. McCreery has directed, and continues to direct, the research and document production efforts for all annual benchmarking studies on "The Effectiveness of Executive Briefings," since the first study was conducted in 1991. She performs the analysis of current-year and trend data, drawing conclusions and formulating recommendations for programs participating in the study. She also works with submitting programs and jurors on the annual World Class Briefing Awards program.