CX Live! Ep39: Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs - An Origin Story w/ Candie Hurley

Podcast Length: 31 Minutes

Live! Ep39: Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs - An Origin Story w/ Candie Hurley

In this episode, Candie Hurley, Trainer, Coach and Consultant with Benett Communications shares what makes a briefing program world class, and how the characteristics set by the ABPM serve as a benchmark for organizations striving towards providing the best experiences for their customers.

Episode highlights:

  • The origins of the Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs and a look into the five main categories
  • How the ABPM continuously updates the characteristics to meet growing industry standards and changes in technology
  • How the different categories allow organizations to evaluate their performance and make meaningful changes
  • A deep dive into how organizations use ABPM’s characteristics as a roadmap to excellence
  • How recent challenges and advancements have strengthened briefing programs and industry

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Candie brings so much experience to our briefing community having been a member of ABPM since 1999. She’s been a company member leading global briefing programs for AT&T, Lucent, Avaya, and Trizetto. And she’s been a supplier partner as a coach and trainer with Benett Communications and Mandel Communications. She’s also been a recipient of the ABPM President’s Service Award and has served on the ABPM Advisory Board. If you’ve been to an ABPM conference you’ve probably been in one of her workshops! Candie supports briefing professionals in benchmarking their programs across the briefing industry. She also delivers training and coaching to help briefing programs create more impactful customer experiences that strengthen customer relationships, uncover new business opportunities, and accelerate the sales cycle.