CX Live! Episode 42 - How World Class Programs Achieve Operational Excellence w/ Marcy Nelsen

Podcast Length: 41 min Minutes

In this episode, Marcy Nelsen, Director of AT&T’s Corporate Briefing Program, shares insights on the best strategies to achieve world-class operations in your briefing program, and staying competitive in a continuously evolving industry.

Episode highlights:

  • The importance of storytelling and creating engaging experiences for customers
  • How situational fluency and clear communication among your team is key to operational excellence
  • The value of customer feedback in evaluating the quality of your briefing program
  • How providing regular analytics to executives on a regular cadence increases their awareness and support
  • The importance of a complete discussion leader engagement strategy to ensure successful engagements
  • How leveraging technology can optimize operations and create personalized experiences

Guest Info



Marcy is Director of AT&T’s Corporate Briefing Program in Dallas, Texas, and long-time member of the ABPM. Under Marcy’s leadership the AT&T program swept the World Class awards in 2018 winning in all 4 categories of Customer Experience, Management, Operations and Analytics. Marcy is also a member of the ABPM Advisory Board. Marcy graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and then earned her MBA in Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University in NJ.