CX Live! Episode 45 - How World Class Programs Achieve Analytics Excellence w/ David Rogers

Podcast Length: 51 min Minutes

In this episode, David Rogers, Director of Operations & Technology Integration at Microsoft explores the topic of analytics and performance measurement strategies that can help briefing programs achieve world class.s.

Episode highlights:

  • The importance of having a measurement strategy that measures success and meets the needs of stakeholders
  • Key metrics used to evaluate briefing program effectiveness
  • The value of gaining immediate feedback to assess the impact of the briefings
  • How to adjust your analytics methodology for virtual vs in-person briefings
  • The importance of utilizing tools for collecting meaningful analytics and reporting to management

Guest Info



David has supported Microsoft’s Sales teams, Executives and top customers for the past 18 years. 10 years ago he took over leading Microsoft’s Executive Briefing Center Operations and in 2019 began looking after the entire portfolio of centers within the newly formed Customer Engagement Team. He now also oversees Executive Engagement, Sponsorship, and the Applications and Analytics team. David serves on the ABPM Advisory Board and regularly teaches classes on managing world class programs and how to use metrics and data to maximize results. He’s also graciously hosted the ABPM European Conference and made sure his Centers are included on ABPM conference and workshop tour days whenever possible.