CX Live! Ep49: The Power of Creatively Promoting Your Program Internally with John Panek

Podcast Length: 50 min Minutes

In this episode, John Panek, Senior Manager of Zebra Technologies’ North American Executive Briefing Program & Experience Centers explores the idea of promoting the value of executive briefing programs within the organization, and the opportunities that can create for growth.  

Episode highlights:

  • How internal promotion creates excitement among the sales team and executive leadership, and can help gain their support  
  • The value in creating internal resources to report on the success of the briefing program, such as annual reports and newsletters  
  • How to encourage the promotion of briefing sessions on social media to share with an entire network and increase awareness  
  • The power of analytics in gaining insights that enrich the briefing program and evangelize its success 
  • How empowering briefing team members to be more consultative and recognizing discussion leaders builds a stronger, more dedicated team 

Examples of Internal Resources Used at Zebra Technologies:

Guest Info



John is known for his ability to foster powerful customer interactions, through account-based marketing, events and most recently in the Zebra Experience Centers. A hands-on professional with 27 years of experience marketing technology providers, channel partners and distribution. John has been recognized for the ability to plan and execute highly measurable marketing programs, impactful brand experiences, and effective corporate communications. And he was recently recognized as the 2021 Marketing Partner of the Year by Zebra North America sales leadership for his contributions growing the Executive Briefing Program.