CX Live! Ep50: How to Successfully Grow and Manage A Regional Innovation Center Program with Laurent Picot

Podcast Length: 50 min Minutes

In this episode, Laurent Picot, Director of EMEA Innovation Centers at Salesforce discusses how to manage regional briefing centers while staying consistent with the goals of a global briefing program.

Episode highlights:

  • The value of building trust with your team members while remaining focused on the shared vision and strategy
  • Strategies for prioritizing shared tools, gaining access to executives and discussion leaders, providing metrics in dashboards, and evangelizing the value of the program across the company
  • The importance of communicating with new hires and the sales team on what the overall goals are to stay aligned with the same measures of success
  • Why it’s crucial to prove the value of your briefing program to executive management and continuously innovate
  • How the Salesforce Innovation Center incorporated virtual reality to add another layer of interactivity to their customer engagements

Guest Info



Laurent started his professional career as a technical writer having graduated from University outside of Paris with an engineering degree in Electronics. He then moved into writing administration guides for missiles, and became a tester of Telecom networks equipment. Having managed the Corporate EBC of Alcatel-Lucent outside of Paris, and moved to the Microsoft EBC in Brussels in 2013. Having joined Salesforce in 2015, Laurent now manages the Salesforce Innovation Centers (SICs) in London, Paris, Munich and Amsterdam which are aligned with the SICs in the US, actively supporting the business of Salesforce.  Salesforce is one of the most innovative companies and the 4th largest Enterprise Software Company in the world. Additionally, Salesforce France has been listed as the Best Place to Work since 2018.