CX Live! Ep51: Bonus Celebration Episode with Darby Mason-Werner

Podcast Length: 50 min Minutes

In this episode, Darby Mason-Werner, host of the CX Live! Podcast, celebrates episode 50 with a bonus episode, providing exciting new updates on the podcast and inviting guests to share best practices they’ve learned from the podcast over the years.

Episode highlights:

  • Elizabeth Simpson, President of ABPM shares the impact the podcast made on the briefing community 
  • A variety of guests share which podcast episode was their favorite, and key takeaways they learned and implemented in their own briefing programs 
  • Andrea Williams, Director of Marketing shares the journey of the podcast since its inception in 2020 
  • Exciting updates on the new re-brand of the podcast, and what’s to come in the future

Guest Info

Darby Mason-Werner, Host

Senior Director, Events and CX Briefings

This episode features a variety of guests, including: Elizabeth Simpson, President of ABPM; Andrea Williams, Director of Marketing at Inpixon; John Panek, Sr. Manager North America Executive Briefing Program & Experience Centers at Zebra Technologies; Heidi Granado, Manager of the Executive Briefing Program at Equinix; Lisa Hansen, Staff Executive Briefing Manager at Illumina; Candie Hurley, Trainer, Coach & Consultant at; Brian O'Neill, Capabilities Team at W. L. Gore & Associates; Coryn Connelly-Cabreros, Executive Briefing Manager at Autodesk; and Ellen Barnes Pfiffner, Consultant at EBP Business Consulting.