CX Live! Ep52: Trends in AV Technology to Elevate Visitor Engagement with George Astacio Jr.

Podcast Length: 50 min Minutes

In this episode, George Astacio Jr., Sales Manager of Client Experiences at Jupiter Systems explores how audio visual (AV) technology can elevate the customer experience and increase engagement at Briefing and Experience Centers.

Episode highlights:

  • How AV technology supports meeting equity and brand messaging 
  • What new and innovative AV technologies are emerging and how they’ve impacted briefing centers 
  • How AV technology is a tool that organizations can use to increase employee retention, improve productivity, add excitement to their program and encourage guests to visit in-person 
  • Key considerations to keep in mind when evaluating if you need to introduce new AV technologies or upgrade existing ones in your program 
  • Ideas for maintaining a strong relationship with your AV Partners to stay informed about technology to align to your short and long term needs 

Guest Info



George has over 25 years of technical marketing and customer experience success, having focused on providing thought leadership, strategy and growth for enhancing the way you engage with your customers. Implementing leading edge customer engagement techniques, especially when it comes to  integrating technology to create immersive brand experiences, George has the ability to grasp the technical and human side of technologies. George has contributed to many beautiful yet innovative Briefing Centers including McAfee, Boeing, and SAP just to name a few. Currently, George is the Client Experience Manager for Enterprise at Jupiter Systems, a 40-year-old innovation company focused on real-time collaborative visualization technology.