CX Live! Ep53: Opportunities for Applying Technical Expertise to Managing Customer Experiences with Jennifer Anthony

Podcast Length: 50 min Minutes

In this episode, Jennifer Anthony, BSc (Hons) Therapeutic Radiography and Customer Engagement Manager at Elekta explores how many professionals find success in the briefing industry by connecting their previous technical background to interactions with customers, further strengthening relationships and accelerating sales closure.    

Episode highlights:

  • How previous technical knowledge can be valuable in the corporate world by supporting product releases, testing hardware and software for efficiency in the field, educating other employees and finding new solutions   
  • The importance of speaking the customer’s language to build trust and tell a story that evokes a feeling that makes your briefing experiences memorable  
  • How to use expertise to have empathetic and insightful conversations with customers while facilitating conversations between customers and discussion leaders  
  • Ideas for building genuine spaces within a physical center based on one’s technical knowledge and deeper understanding of what will resonate with your guests 

Guest Info



Jennifer was qualified as a Therapeutic Radiographer in 1997 and worked clinically treating cancer patients in prestigious hospitals in London for 10 years. In 2004, an opportunity came up to work at Elekta in new product development for radiotherapy projects.  While there, Jennifer led a team of radiographers working on Elekta’s product portfolio.  In 2018, she moved into Global Marketing to manage Elekta’s first Executive Briefing Center and is currently a Customer Engagement Manager.