CX Live! Ep54: Reimagining Collaborative Briefing Experiences with Sid van Wijk

Podcast Length: 60 min Minutes

In this episode, Sid van Wijk, Executive Briefing Center Lead at Miro in Amsterdam shares the journey he and his team are on to reimagine how briefing experiences can be more collaborative including a new approach to the briefing planning process that involves the customer much earlier in the conversation.    

Episode highlights:

  • How to explore the different ways that technologies can be integrated to bring a whole different level of collaboration to all briefing phases  
  • The importance of building for scale and flexibility including various approaches for designing the initial physical briefing center space and amenities
  • How to immerse your guests in the tools even before their engagement date so they can drive the objectives and the agenda to a more positive outcome 
  • Ideas for elevating the hybrid briefing experience including moderators who advocate for both virtual and in-person guests
  • Thinking “outside the box” and being flexible when defining the customer journey such as changing from “talk, talk, talk” to “talk, show, prove”

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Sid started presenting professionally when he was 17, about online gaming. This experience led him to launch a Presentation Design Bureau only a few years later - kick started by a new presentation tool at that time: Prezi. He did all of this while getting his engineering degree at university.

In 2015, Sid joined NetApp where he discovered Executive Briefing Centers. In May of 2022, Sid joined Miro, taking all that presentation and Briefing experience and creating Miro's very first Briefing Center Program based in Amsterdam.