CX Live! Ep57: Measure, Analyze and Report EBC Program Effectiveness to Impact Executive Support with John Heiman

Podcast Length: 60 min Minutes

In our first episode of 2023, John Heiman, Consultant with EBP Consulting, shares how to capture meaningful data to demonstrate the briefing program’s ROI. With a focus on effectiveness and efficiency, he highlights the importance of having a baseline to measure sentiment and methods for reporting the impact to executive management.   

Episode Highlights:

  • The importance of understanding C Level “care abouts” related to data collection and analytics
  • Ways to refocus the collection of metrics into two main categories: Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • The power of the Net Promoter Score to demonstrate briefing impact on changing customer sentiment
  • The top 3 most impactful metrics to report to executive management
  • Strategies for communicating with executives for buy in on your long term program requirements
  • How to build advocacy for prioritization with IT teams to utilize CRM tools for reporting briefing program influence

Episode Resource:




John Heiman


John has 30+ years of innovative experience in driving measurable growth through implementation of strategic experiential marketing programs.He oversaw Sprint’s Experiential Marketing Department, including the EBC Program for 14 years. John served on the ABPM Advisory Board for 10 years and is a frequent session and workshop leader often focused on strategy and analytics. Sprint has been presented with over 25 APBM awards including Program of the Year in 2014. In 2016 John was awarded the ABPM President’s Service Award.