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The CX Live! Podcast

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The CX Live! Podcast is an interview-style show dedicated to helping briefing and meeting professionals elevate customer experience using new tools, methods and perspectives.

Each episode is an exploration of trends and real-world applications impacting the briefing and meeting industry with innovative thought-leaders from top companies. Get insider tips and tricks on how to tackle day-to-day challenges and incorporate CX (customer experience) strategies into every aspect of your program.

Episode Guide

Episode 28
In this episode, Karen Bintz shares her insights on training discussion leaders for virtual briefings and beyond. Whether it’s virtual or in person briefings, learn how to empower discussion leaders to continue delivering engaging sessions that..
Episode 27
In this episode, Joe Perry shares insights and information on how to strategically reposition your briefing program to showcase your program's value company-wide by instilling the right changes that drive transformation.
Episode 26
In this episode, David Walford gives us a crash course on briefing tools as a foundational element for any briefing program and how a centralized place to manage operations can help increase team efficiency and productivity.
Episode 25
In this episode, we discuss with Ellen Barnes Pfiffner what lessons learned and elements we can leverage for future briefings across team management, staffing, content management, executive support - and identify new ways teams can work together to..
Episode 24
In this episode, Stacey Milligan addresses demonstrating the strategic value your briefing program brings to your company and identifying what data you need to provide and present as part of your program’s identity.
Episode 23
In this episode, Tom Sullivan walks us through the technical journey for hybrid and virtual briefings as we discuss the technical elements programs can evaluate and implement for the current and future state of how we deliver customer experiences.
Episode 22
In this episode, Stacy Cummings addresses cultural and technological elements that the team at Verizon have identified as part of their global strategy for virtual and hybrid experiences across 5 locations.
Episode 21
In this episode, we sit down with Jillian Neasom of Citrix to tackle the challenge of bringing consistency to global programs in an effort to provide customer’s a unified experience representative of your company’s values and goals.
Episode 20
In this episode, we talk with Christina and Craig from Omnicell and get candid insights about what it’s like and what it takes to run a small briefing program with less staff, less budget, and fewer resources.
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About Your Host



Darby Mason-Werner

Senior Director, Events and CX Briefings

Darby has 20+ years building and consulting for Corporate Briefing Centers worldwide. Her signature trademark is creating and developing consistent and scalable processes for programs that are looking to not only ‘wow’ their customers but also build functional models that stand the test of time. With this podcast, Darby is eager to help fellow briefing program colleagues simplify their lives with effective technology and tools while creating engaging experiences for their customers.