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The CX Live! Podcast

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The CX Live! Podcast is an interview-style show dedicated to helping briefing and meeting professionals elevate customer experience using new tools, methods and perspectives.

Each episode is an exploration of trends and real-world applications impacting the briefing and meeting industry with innovative thought-leaders from top companies. Get insider tips and tricks on how to tackle day-to-day challenges and incorporate CX (customer experience) strategies into every aspect of your program.

Episode Guide

Episode 19
In this episode, we talk with Candie Hurley about the world of virtual and how to make truly meaningful connections, deliver satisfying experiences, and build loyalty amidst new strategies for virtual customer engagement.
Episode 18
Live! Ep18: Choreograph Unique w/ Pete Riddell In this episode, we talk with Pete Riddell of Derse about what it means to “choreograph unique” experiences for customers - in an effort to combat Zoom fatigue - and make your own virtual..
Episode 17
In this episode, we are joined by the President of the Association of Briefing Program Managers, Elizabeth Simpson, as we reflect on challenges and transformations that 2020 brought upon us as an industry, acknowledge lessons learned along the way,..
Episode 16
Live! Ep16: Partnering with Key Stakeholders w/ Paola Angeleri  In this episode, Paola Angeleri provides a deep dive on forging strong relationships with internal teams to create better touchpoints for the customer journey and instilling briefing..
Episode 15
In this episode, Roseanne Bell discusses the purpose of humanistic design in customer experience programs and the power of creating a comfortable environment for in-person and virtual engagements to support business goals, create long lasting..
Episode 14
In this episode, Kelly Reeves provides valuable information on the power of listening and addresses the most effective listening habits that make an important difference in our day to day business lives and executive briefing programs where we can..
Episode 13
Live! Ep13: Building World Class Programs w/ Karen Olivero In this episode, Karen Olivero gives us an exclusive look at what it takes to build a world-class briefing program (at Hewlett Packard Enterprise) from developing a unified team that is..
Episode 12
Live! Ep12: New Program Business Plans w/ Ann Benett In this episode, Ann Benett highlights the power of a strong business plan, how to go about building one, and why they are so important for preparing and launching a new briefing center.
Episode 11
Live! Ep11: Benchmarking w/ Candie Hurley In this episode, Candie Hurley discusses the importance of benchmarking within customer experience and briefing programs to ensure that teams are planning, executing, and refining program initiatives that..
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About Your Host



Darby Mason-Werner

Senior Director, Events and CX Briefings

Darby has 20+ years building and consulting for Corporate Briefing Centers worldwide. Her signature trademark is creating and developing consistent and scalable processes for programs that are looking to not only ‘wow’ their customers but also build functional models that stand the test of time. With this podcast, Darby is eager to help fellow briefing program colleagues simplify their lives with effective technology and tools while creating engaging experiences for their customers.