Inpixon for Events

Looking to renew your event strategy and attract attendees after significant industry changes? Power a seamless attendee journey with an omni-channel approach to live, virtual, and hybrid event experiences.

Inpixon-The-Rise-of-Hybrid-Event-Technology-Whitepaper-CoverAbout This Whitepaper

Approximately 55 million meetings are held each week in the US. That’s over a billion per year!

Events are big business. But can the current event climate sustain a digital age where technology and trends become obsolete just as quickly as they pop up? When it comes to creating and serving up your event, it makes sense to invest your time and energy into something sustainable from event to event and year over year, especially with global, corporate event programs.

Beyond the on-the-go nature of mobile events apps, a fully hybrid approach to event strategies and attendee experience need to account for interactive, value-added benefits to the attendee that mirror the way people show up in-person or remotely to events, trade shows, and conferences.

This whitepaper will look at why mobile event apps and hybrid event technology have gained even more power, becoming a necessity, and will reinvigorate your event strategy now and into the future.

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