The Evolving Workplace - A Better Way to Work with Desk and Space Scheduling Tools

Inpixon's smart office app, powered by The CXApp, makes your return-to-office and hybrid work strategy easier to implement and manage with our intuitive desk and room reservation solution.

Why Employees Benefit from Our Desk Booking & Room Reservation Solution

Accessible through a mobile app, your employees can search for and reserve desks, rooms and amenities in your office ahead of time to accommodate their needs. They can also book spaces when they arrive at the office, as our app will let them know which desks and spaces are immediately in use. In case employees need help navigating your office, our app can direct them to wherever they need to go, so they feel comfortable and in-tune with your facilities, no matter the location.

What Facilities, Real Estate and Employee Experience Leaders Gain

Inpixon’s desk and space reservation solution gives companies full visibility into how their offices are being used. Real-time utilization analytics gives you direct and in-depth insights on how employees are using your desks, spaces and amenities so you can optimize your return-to-office and hybrid work strategy moving forward. You can also dynamically monitor and control office capacity for all your locations in order to make sure your spaces are aligned with organizational protocols.

See Our Solution in Action

Our solution can maximize desk and space utilization while giving much-needed flexibility and accessibility to your employees, instantly. Talk to us today about your needs and we’ll show you how our desk and space reservation solution can meet your needs.

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