How Inpixon Events Elevated Aruba Atmosphere

Aruba Atmosphere welcomed more than 4,000 in-person and virtual attendees in 2022. As their flagship customer and partner event, it’s a pivotal showcase of their latest technologies and thought leadership in their community. By leveraging Inpixon Events, Aruba Atmosphere created a unified, dynamic hybrid experience that enabled attendees to join live or on-demand, connect with one another and interact with speakers, sponsors and content in innovative new ways. Watch our video to see what their event app and platform looked like and how each feature contributed to the day-to-day attendee experience. 


Table of Contents

1: Introduction to Aruba Atmosphere (0:20)  

2: Interactive Map - Step-by-step navigation (1:01)  

3: Gamification - Make engagement fun (1:46)  

4: Detailed Agenda - All event info in one place (2:55)  

5: Activity Stream - Post, share & like content (3:49) 

6: Health Check - Virtual health check-ins (4:01) 

7: Virtual Event Platform - Web version of app (4:21) 

8: Innovation Zone - 3D interactive experience (5:47) 

Presented by:

Adam Benson
Chief Technology Officer

Leon Papkoff
EVP of Experience Apps

What You'll Learn in This Video

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