Trends and Techniques for Returning to the Office

News journalist, Brent Cannon is joined by Inpixon's Nadir Ali and Leon Papkoff to discuss trends and techniques for returning to the office. Planning for the return of employees to the office is a challenging and dynamic exercise. During this discussion, we explore how organizations can address some common issues surrounding the return to the office, consideration for making the return safe and successful, and how focusing on workplace experiences can help to attract and retain top talent.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introductions (0:00)
Chapter 2: Addressing the post-pandemic workplace (02:14)
Chapter 3: How are collaboration platforms changing? (04:58)
Chapter 4: Do we need physical offices anymore? (06:07)
Chapter 5: What can companies do to attract and retain talent? (07:40)
Chapter 6: How are companies managing the return to work? (8:38)
Chapter 7: What devices do you need for an on-site experience? (10:08)
Chapter 8: Takeaways (11:42)


Brent Cannon
News Journalist

Nadir Ali

Leon Papkoff
EVP, The CXApp Divison

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