Tips & Technology for the Return to Office

Let's dive in and answer some pre-existing, ongoing, and even new concerns around the return to work. One Workplace brought together the brightest minds to discuss the challenges affecting many large companies when it comes to workplace design, business operations, employee engagement, and digital equity in the post-pandemic workplace.

Opening then closing, and announcing then postponing reentry plans is not sustainable. As we've seen with companies like Amazon, reentry plans continue to get pushed back months at a time and it's not for lack of effort. Conversations from workplace leaders will continue to shape how and when we go back to the office as well as what it looks like and how their plans perform.

This session covers:

  • The challenges your current workplace design presents
  • What critical steps you must take to keep business operations running smoothly
  • How to provide tools to help preserve and increase employee engagement
  • How remote and hybrid work have changed the way you and your employees communicate and collaborate while creating digital equity

View the webinar on-demand:

Mark Willison
Director, Technology Sales
One Workplace

Leon Papkoff
EVP, CXApp Division

Michael Alcantara
Director, IT Video Collaboration
Palo Alto Networks

Wade Mcintyre
Director, Real Estate & Procurement
Moss Adams