Touchscreen Kiosks - Why You Should Care About Having Them

How can you leverage interactive kiosks to create smart indoor experiences that engage and delight customers?

Join us as we sit down with Yeti’s CEO, Tony Scherba, for an in-depth conversation about the power of kiosks. During this session, we will explore how kiosks can be leveraged for everything from wayfinding to vending and digital signage.

See how your organization can:

  • Create intuitive user experiences that deliver valuable location-aware information 
  • Incorporate kiosks as part of your end-to-end indoor mapping solution
  • Manage multiple application and locations with a single platform
  • Design a meaningful experience for users
  • Make your kiosk a powerful piece of digital signage
  • Ensure a successful implementation
  • And more!

View the webinar on-demand:

Presented by:

Dave Johnson
VP Sales

Tony Scherba
CEO & Founding Partner