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Inpixon’s Mobile Conference & Event App

Event management and engagement in an easy-to-use mobile app.

What is a Mobile Event App?

A mobile event app allows event managers to plan, manage, and engage in a conference, tradeshow, seminar, or exhibition through a mobile application.

The Inpixon Events mobile app (formerly The CXApp Events) gives event managers the tools they need to keep attendees engaged and deliver a successful in-person event.

How Inpixon's Mobile Event App Works

Inpixon’s award-winning event platform allows you to customize your event branding, manage content, logistics and messaging, and deploy the mobile app experience to all stakeholders and attendees.

Our event solution increases the value of your events while extending the benefits to your attendees. Inpixon Events (formerly The CXApp Events) provides a holistic event experience to attendees leading up to, during, and after your event has concluded driving engagement through mobile-led experiences.

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Access Anytime, From Anywhere
Event planners know the most efficient approach to organize a hybrid event is to allow attendees to participate when and how they choose (apps, desktop, tablet).


Build & Deploy A Mobile App
We handle all the technical details, integrations and services, so you can focus on what really matters, creating a successful event.


All Content in One App
Present all your event content in one app with easy access before, during, and well after the event has concluded.


Improve Attendee Experience
Through the mobile app, attendees can personalize their experience by building a personal agenda, fine-tuning their profile, and managing their feed of event communications.


Cloud-Based Architecture
Save and store personalized, local, and context specific data across devices.


Multiple Events
Multiple events. One platform. Maximize productivity with consistent features, capabilities, and branding.

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Scalable Across Your Global Events Calendar
Reduce expenses by having your entire event portfolio in one system that you may reuse from event to event, year after year while still providing a similar experience.


Custom Branded Solution
Customize the app to match your company’s branding and event theme by adding your colors, logos, icons, messaging, and custom banner.


In-App Communications
Timely announcements, messages, & networking opportunities are all distributed to attendees with location-aware contextual notifications.


Success Metrics
Event managers use analytics and engagement metrics to evaluate event success and refine recurring events year after year.


Occupancy Insights
Provide capacity data for rooms and sessions. Allow guests to join waitlists for when space becomes available.

My-Agenda-MobileMy Agenda

Having a current agenda for each attendee is essential to managing attendee expectations and offers a detailed day-by-day itinerary for event success. The My Agenda feature allows attendees to customize their program track.

Networking screenshotNetworking

Improve attendee satisfaction with a powerful networking tool. With hundreds and even thousands of attendees at any given event, a networking component is critical for attendee satisfaction where they can interact with one another.

Indoor Mapping Mobile ScreenshotIndoor Mapping

Create location awareness for participants. Indoor mapping keeps in-person event participants informed and aware of their surroundings aiding traffic flow at an event, ensuring that guests visit all the various stops, stalls, and touchpoints.


In-app and OS-based notifications are timely, relevant, and actionable. Keep participants informed with the correct message at the right time via in-app and OS-based notifications.

Activity-Feed-MobileActivity Feed

Generate event buzz with a real-time feed of conversations and standout moments in-app and on social media using event/campaign hashtags.

Live-Streaming-MobileLive Streaming

We work with the best live streaming services, so your keynote speakers, panels, and sessions are always available in the same branded event platform, keeping visitors focused on the main event hub.


Interactive surveys and polls offer a quick and simple approach to gather audience input and keep them engaged in what your event programming has to offer.

Touchless-Interactions-MobileTouchless Interactions

Check-in, badge scanning, digital business cards, QR code access, charging, and more can all be automated during the in-person event journey. Attendees use their event app as a controller for on-site activities.

Security & Privacy

We’ve been meticulously vetted by some of the most security-conscious organizations in the world and as such, employ enterprise-grade standards that meet the complex security requirements of our clients. 

Unlike multi-tenant providers, we deploy your solution in an exclusive, non-shared cloud environment. We’re GDPR compliant and use OSS for authentication and strive to stay ahead of the curve regarding data privacy to ensure we’re doing everything we can to protect the privacy of your people. 

We also integrate with some of the best security service providers in the industry. 

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