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Inpixon's Virtual Event Platform: The On-Demand Digital Experience

Connect with attendees all over the globe in a cost-effective way

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What is a Virtual Event

Inpixon’s award-winning virtual event platform, Inpixon Events (formerly The CXApp Events), allows you to plan, manage, and deliver an outstanding virtual event to attendees no matter the size of the event. The platform is scalable, influences ROI, and promotes maximum attendee engagement through a custom-branded portal.

Build and strengthen relationships fueled by your program's digital touchpoints that are easily accessible and available on multiple devices.

Digitize Live Touchpoints for Exceptional Virtual Events

Our virtual event software supports remote attendee experiences with a live-streaming and on-demand platform accessible from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Event managers have complete control of the event programming from within one CMS instead of several apps and platforms, seen in most comparable solutions. A successful virtual event strategy centers around leveraging technology that ensures the event successfully delivers content and opportunities for further engagement.

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“The CXApp’s engaging attendee features and insightful event management capabilities enabled us to effectively bring ‘live event’ touchpoints into the virtual world.”

— Steve Gouldrup, Director of Global Events, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Virtual Event Platform Features

Create Smart, Immersive, and Connected Events

Virtual Event Resources

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