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Inpixon CX Briefings

Build on relationships that drive enterprise deals with Inpixon’s executive briefing platform.

Executive Briefings

The corporate world is constantly evolving to meet customers' maturing expectations. This is particularly relevant for briefing professionals, where technology can be leveraged to digitize and elevate customer experience and support on-site and remote engagements.

Inpixon CX Briefings (formerly The CXApp EBC) is an executive briefing platform that delivers a differentiated, consistent, and custom branded executive-level experience for briefing and meeting attendees. Our platform extends the value of customer engagements before, during, and after meetings.

Unlike other solutions, Inpixon CX Briefings helps you create a one-of-a-kind visual experience with dynamic content that personalizes your briefings and value-added integrations that align with your unique use cases and goals.

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What is an Executive Briefing Center?

An executive briefing center is a platform used by organizations to facilitate engagements and interactions that empower customer-centric communications and drive growth. These highly customizable engagements spark dialogue and offer opportunities to strengthen and build relationships, accelerate the sales cycle, communicate business results, and gain customer insights.

How Does an EBC Platform Work?

Inpixon’s executive briefing solution provides a centralized platform that presents all relevant customer and meeting details across your briefing program – regardless of your location. Our feature rich custom branded platform ensures your “white-glove”, strategic customer meetings continue to drive your business forward.

Customers invited to the executive briefing center can access all relevant briefing details like agendas, solutions, related content, and more. The platform helps build excitement and engagement prior to the briefing day, educates customers on additional products/services, and drives valuable long-term customer relationships. Inpixon’s customizable platform helps you create an experience that will be truly memorable.

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Virtual Briefings

Mirror the in-person experience with our briefing platform and interactive features.

  • Web-Based Environment
    Provide a fully branded, web-based briefing platform for elevated customer meetings via desktop, laptop, and tablets.
  • Fully Branded Platform
    Create a truly engaging platform and distinguish your virtual briefings and move beyond basic video meetings by leveraging corporate content, datasheets, presentations, polls, media, and more to help build awareness, and anticipation.
  • Exclusive Alignment
    Standardize customers’ expectations with consistent and informative interactions that are repeatable and measurable for virtual participants.

Hybrid Briefings

Bridge the gap between the virtual and in-person experience, giving users a seamless experience no matter their engagement preference.

  • Enhanced Experience
    Customize your branding across multiple channel environments to bring a consistent experience to all.
  • Easy Access
    Offer all briefing elements such as agendas, discussion leader bios, and relevant content across any device with SSO integration.
  • Hop In and Out
    With hybrid events, the attendee takes the experience 'with them' wherever they go. That means they can access a virtual briefing platform or a mobile app to facilitate their remote and/or in-person experience.

In-Person Briefings

Create personalized customer experiences before, during, and after your meeting for better engagement.

  • Elevate Customer Experience
    Drive a full-day of experiences with mobile-led interactions allowing customers to take the experience with them as they explore your center.
  • Accelerate Sale Cycle
    Provide a channel for early engagement with potential customers and get to know them on a personal basis while they are in attendance.
  • Provide a better In-Person Briefing Experience
    Give attendees an immersive experience through location-aware information such as interactive indoor maps, wayfinding, and proximity messaging.

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Key Benefits

Custom Design Look and Feel

Our design process and flexible platform provides a curated environment for virtual, hybrid, and in-person briefings that reflect your brand and company culture.

Advanced Integrations

Create a seamless data-driven experience for teams in global organizations improving adoption, speed, and resource maximization through an intelligent partner ecosystem.

Smart Centers

Use cutting-edge technology like wayfinding, sensors, and AR/VR/mixed reality that works with your app to deliver multiexperiences to your customers.

Benefits to Briefing
Program Managers

  • Leverage Technology to Increase Team Productivity
    Automates syncing between third-party tools and our platform to dramatically reduce steps and increase team efficiency.
  • Increase and Accelerate Sales Revenue
    Connects executives with existing and potential customers to deepen the relationship and accelerate the sales cycle.
  • Provide Global Program Consistency in One Centralized Platform
    Ensures program consistency across global locations with unified customer experience.

Benefits to Customers

  • Enhance the Customer Experience
    Provides a relevant and meaningful customer journey.
  • Enable More Impactful Engagements
    Builds excitement and engagement prior to the briefing while offering ongoing access to critical content and attendees after.
  • Ensure Long Term Relationships Drives value and buy-in for customers by keeping them engaged and updated. They feel more connected and in turn, remain a long-lasting customer.

dekra-iso27001-logoISCO/IEC Certified

Inpixon's platform is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and utilizes validated information security policies and processes in alignment with industry best practices and standards for managing the security of assets, including financial information, IP, employee details or information entrusted by third parties.

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Customer Testimonials

See How Citrix Experience Pivoted

See how they quickly and successfully shifted their focus from all-in-person briefings to all remote briefings.

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Explore How Citrix Experience Adopted a Multi-Device Approach

See how their customer experience and briefing program creates a consistent and streamlined experiences for all.

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Tour the HPE Executive Briefing Center

See how they connect and collaborate with customers worldwide with unique features integrated in our app’s technology.

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Inpixon received two Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service:

2022-stevie-award-silverSilver, Most Valuable Response by A Customer Service Team (Virtual Briefing Platform)
Customer Success Team went Above and Beyond for Customers During the Pandemic2022-stevie-award-bronze

Bronze, Best Use of Thought Leadership (The CXApp Live! Podcast)
How the CXApp Live! Podcast Became a Trailblazer in the ABPM Community

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Communicator Awards

28thCommAwards_SiteBugs_Final_virtualandremote_SilverAward of Distinction for Business, Virtual and Remote 
Inpixon CX Briefings was given an Award of Distinction at the 28th annual Communicator Awards for the CXApp Live! Podcast, which recognizes thought leadership and innovation in media and content that explores virtual and remote work for business professionals.


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Inpixon CX Briefings Integrations

We understand that you have many tools that work together to keep your customer experience program thriving. But with Inpixon CX Briefings, we bring those disparate solutions into one platform! Run your briefing and customer programs seamlessly through one platform.

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