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Inpixon Hybrid Briefings 

Bridge the divide between remote and in-person participates to create outstanding briefing experiences

Hybrid Briefings

What is a Hybrid Briefing Platform?

A hybrid briefing platform allows you to maintain a world-class executive briefing experience regardless of where your participants are located. Strengthening interactions with demos and installations, empowering location-aware use cases, and providing dynamic content, our executive briefing solution, Inpixon CX Briefings (formerly The CXApp EBC), helps bridge the gap between on-site and remote engagements.


Hybrid Meetings that Let Your Customers Take the Experience with Them

In today’s climate, attendees may prefer the option to either attend a briefing in-person, online, or a hybrid mix of both. Our all-in-one briefing platform allows attendees to do just that while offering a consistent experience for all participants - along with the flexibility to simultaneously support both in-person and remote attendees.

Inpixon CX Briefings ensures the synchronization of experiences for all participants, no matter their location or the device they may use. Participants will have access to the same agenda, attendee information, and briefing content at the same time. With advanced settings, integration with 3D technology or IoT solutions can further extend interaction among remote attendees.

Whether on-the-go, in-person, or joining in from a home office, attendees won’t miss out on any crucial discussions during your briefing.

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Benefits to the
Briefing Program

  • Engagement Metrics
    Track engagement and app usage to see where users are spending the most time.
  • Automation
    Have systems work together in the back end to save briefing manager’s time.
  • Integrations
    Create a seamless data-driven experience for teams in global organizations improving adoption, speed, and resource maximization through an intelligent partner ecosystem.
  • Notifications
    Get the right messages in front of the right people at the right moment.
  • Surveys and Live Polls
    Get real-time feedback and encourage engagement thorugh surveys and polls. Can be used in-the-moment to help steer conversations.

Benefits to the Customer

  • Briefing Details
    Keep customers up to date with all agenda topics and details easily accessible on-the-go. View attendee bios and photos to make in-person connections easier and more familiar. Grant attendees access to presentations and other resources before, during, and after the briefing.
  • Indoor Technologies
    Leverage cutting-edge technology including wayfinding, sensors, and AR/VR/mixed reality that works with your app to deliver multiexperience customers journeys.
  • Personal Preferences
    Allow attendees to customize their profiles and configure settings for more relevant content and preferences.
  • Live Activity Stream
    Attendees can post videos, photos, and status updates to a live stream promoting engagement by connecting with other attendees.
  • Countdown Clocks
    Build up anticipation for attendees as the briefing begins and make sure they’re ready to join in!

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