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Inpixon In-Person Briefing Platform

Enhance the customer experience, enable more interactive engagements, and provide global program consistency with an app for your briefing program.

In-Person Brieftings

What is an In-Person Briefing Platform?

A dedicated briefing app helps deliver an experience that ties together end-to-end experiences across the customer journey. Bolstering interactions with demos and installations, empowering location-aware use cases, and distributing dynamic content, our executive briefing platform, Inpixon CX Briefings (formerly The CXApp EBC), helps you deliver more impactful engagements in an ever-smarter briefing center.

Personalized Experiences Before, During, & After Your Meetings

Our in-person briefings solution elevates interactions with your clients and key stakeholders through web, mobile, and IOT technology. Key touchpoints such as briefing details, travel information, contactless interactions, in-center navigation, and in-the-moment customer feedback, help customers navigate their complete experience as they prepare for the briefing, explore your briefing center and reflect on the briefing after they have returned home.

Standardize your briefing program for cross-functional stakeholders and executives with consistent and repeatable customer interactions. Keep your customers engaged, connected, and informed with our simple and easy-to-use technology and our own white-glove managed services.

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Benefits to the
Briefing Program

  • Engagement Metrics
    Track engagement and app usage to see where users are spending the most time.
  • Automation
    Have systems work together in the back end to save briefing manager’s time.
  • Integrations
    Create a seamless data-driven experience for teams in global organizations improving adoption, speed, and resource maximization through an intelligent partner ecosystem.
  • Notifications
    Get the right messages in front of the right people at the right moment.
  • Surveys and Live Polls
    Get real-time feedback and encourage engagement thorugh surveys and polls. Can be used in-the-moment to help steer conversations.

Benefits to the Customer

  • Briefing Details
    Keep customers up to date with agenda topics and details easily accessible on-the-go. View attendee bios and photos for easier in-person connections. Grant attendees access to presentations and other resources before, during, and after the briefing.
  • Indoor Technologies
    Leverage cutting-edge technology including wayfinding, sensors, and AR/VR/mixed reality that works with your app to deliver multiexperience customers journeys.
  • Interactive Live Maps
    Powerful, interactive indoor maps offer customers turn-by-turn directions when on-site to make sure they can get where they need to go.
  • Travel and Logistics
    Provide travel & logistics information including Google Maps, with recommendations on local hotels, restaurants and activities nearby.
  • Personal Preferences
    Customers can build their own profiles to display what makes them truly unique and manage their content and information preferences.

Inpixon CX Briefings Helps Companies Make In-Person Briefings Better Than Ever

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