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Inpixon Virtual Briefing Platform

Enhance executive briefings with the most innovative virtual briefing platform for customer meetings.


What is a Virtual Briefing Platform?

A virtual briefing platform is a digital solution for your executive briefings, pointing customers to an always-on, on-demand virtual environment for all interactions.

Our briefing platform, Inpixon CX Briefings (formerly The CXApp EBC), offers much more than a simple video call with many out-of-the-box features and customized branding options making your customer’s experience incomparable. Upgrade your customer engagement strategy with a personalized and intuitive platform that captures customer attention.

Elevate Your Customer Experience with Virtual Briefings

Bring all meeting and customer touchpoints into one virtual environment with our on-demand digital briefing platform. Inpixon CX Briefings provides a virtual briefing environment for elevated customer meetings. Our easy-to-use platform helps you create a custom-branded, dynamic, professional engagement with a differentiated user experience for both attendees and business users.

Your entire meeting and customer journey touchpoints are housed in one centralized digital platform. And with a user-friendly CMS, you can easily manage all briefing details, content, customer information, and other important data in a single management system.

With our virtual briefings solution, you’ll build and strengthen relationships fueled by your program's digital touchpoints and strategic approach to nurturing the sales cycle. Do more with your virtual meetings today. Contact us today to learn more!

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Benefits to the
Briefing Program

  • Customized Branding
    Ensure brand and culture consistency across a global program.
  • Surveys and Live Polls
    Gain feedback and generate engagement with surveys and real-time polls.
  • Automation
    Have systems work together in the back end to save briefing manager’s time.
  • Integrations
    Create a seamless data-driven experience for teams in global organizations improving adoption, speed, and resource maximization through an intelligent partner ecosystem.
  • Notifications
    Get the right messages in front of the right people at the right moment.
  • Engagement Metrics
    Get better customer insights with user behavior metrics, content interactions, and feature usage data.

Benefits to
the Customer

  • Briefing Details
    Keep customers up to date with all agenda topics and details easily accessible on-the-go. View attendee bios and photos to create a personal and familiar experience. Grant attendees access to presentations and other resources before, during, and after the briefing.
  • Countdown Clocks
    Build up anticipation for attendees as the event begins and make sure they’re ready to join in!
  • Industry Relevance
    Attendees get a better understanding of how your solution fulfills their business needs with dynamic content and verticalized experiences for a lasting impression.
  • Solution Showcase
    Encourage attendees to explore your solutions and content, uncovering potential new business opportunities.
  • Welcome Video
    Extend a personal welcome from your stakeholders or company leaders to make a memorable impact upon entry.

Inpixon CX Briefings Helps Companies of all Sizes Create Memorable Experiences

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