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Desk Booking Software

Inpixon's desk booking software feature provides useful desk management statistics and space usage insights for managing desks, assigned seats, hot desking, and hoteling.


What is a Desk Booking System?

Desk booking software makes complex booking requirements easy to accomplish for flexible work environments. Employees use a live availability map, integrated blue dot positioning, amenity search, and other helpful tools to quickly discover, reserve, locate, and utilize workspaces that will enable the future of work.

Support an agile workforce with real-time desk availability ideal for a hybrid work experience where employees come and go throughout the workweek.

Empower Employees with Advanced Desk Booking Technology

The desk booking feature of Inpixon’s workplace experience platform gives employees the freedom to choose a workstation that matches their daily needs through real-time access, insights, and click-to-book functionality for available desks, conference rooms, and collaboration spaces in the office.

Our desk booking feature allows for multiple inquiries during peak and slower booking periods. With our Inpixon Experience app (formerly The CXApp Smart Campus), employees may book a desk for when and how long they need across facilities, floors, and even departments.

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Benefits to

  • Convenient access to people, places, and resources employees need at work
  • Integrated mapping and wayfinding to locate key office locations and spaces
  • Functional outdoor and indoor navigation across the campus
  • Unified workplace technology for a more connected workplace experience.
  • Immersive on-site experiences with sensors and location-aware automation
  • Creates a comprehensive campus experience versus a single-point solution

Benefits to
the Business:

  • Configurable by office location, building, and floor
  • Combines indoor maps and wayfinding with corporate services and amenities
  • Provides real-time utilization analytics
  • Powers industry-leading desk and room reservation rules
  • Gives companies full visibility into how offices are being used and offers multiple configurations for desk allotment
  • Allows dynamic monitoring and control of office capacity for all locations
  • And most importantly, offers an affordable solution at scale for a global workplace

Desk-Booking Features

Desk-Booking Resources

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