Smart Offices Begin with Smart Technology

Improve workplace experiences with a holistic location-aware employee app

The Connected Workplace

The Connected Workplace

The workplace experience is a continuously evolving trend shaped by rising innovations alongside ever-changing employee needs. Organizations need to keep pace in order to maintain a happy and productive workforce. In our current landscape, this includes creating a connected workplace where employees work in a mix of on-site and remote options.

Inpixon's workplace experience offering powered by The CXApp gives you the technology, processes and tools to create smart, innovative and connected workplaces so your team can safely return to the office - in a full or hybrid capacity. It's time to equip your organization with a powerful mobile-first employee app.

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2021 Vision Award for Reopening

FacilitiesNet 2021 Vision Awards Winner logo

The FacilitiesNet Vision Awards honor innovation and excellence in products contributing to the efficient, profitable operations and management of institutional and commercial buildings in the United States.

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Best Smart Building Solution for Return to Work

Winner 2020 Connected Real Estate Tech Awards - Best Smart Building Solution for Return to Work logo

"The CXApp, now an Inpixon company, delivers an exceptional technology solution that contributes to managing or improving the return to work and is the winner of the Return to Work category."
Rich Berliner, CEO | Fifth Gen Media, Publisher of Connected Real Estate Magazine

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Smart Office App Key Benefits

Centralized Hub

Bring everything together and access all campus related digital touchpoints from a unified, user-friendly mobile app.

Exceptional Experiences

Deliver the best possible workplace experiences for employees that foster engagement and collaboration.

Location Awareness

Keep your campus and people connected. Provide relevant and timely experiences for employees. 

Create a Smart, Innovative and Connected Workplace

Give your company the advantage it needs to remain competitive and deliver a frictionless work environment for employee engagement.

CXApp-DeskBooking copyHot Desking/Desk Hoteling

Search for and see the location of workstations in the context of a map of your office. With office hoteling features, users can see desk amenities, view desk availability, and reserve a seat. Automatic check-in and check-out relays real-time desk usage data. With advanced booking options, administrators can even configure availability to match office capacity and workforce thresholds.

CXApp-RoomBookingRoom Booking

Search for and see the location of meeting rooms and other shared spaces on a live map. Refine results based on amenities and meeting requirements, instantly check a room’s availability and make a reservation. Meeting information, relevant notifications and time-sensitive alerts are automatically sent to attendees.

CXApp-IndoorNavIndoor Navigation

Make it easy for employees, guests and personnel to navigate your properties with turn-by-turn directions on a digital map. With on-device positioning, a user's mobile device is used to sense their position within your facility and helps them to effortlessly get where they need to be, such as a reserved workstation or meeting room, with a familiar blue dot experience.

CXApp-NewsandEventsNews and Events

A company-wide newsfeed featuring the latest stories, blogs, thought leadership and announcements helps employees stay informed with the option for personalized content.

CXApp-NotificationsReal-Time Notifications

Real-time mobile updates and time-sensitive communications and alerts keep employees and visitors informed - both on and offsite. With targeted location-based messaging, you can rest assured that the right message is getting to the right person at the right time.

CXApp-OccupancyOccupancy Reporting

Capture valuable data to help monitor and optimize campus health and usage. Beacons and sensors automatically register when employees arrive at their reserved workstation. A record of who sat where and when aids in real-time occupancy reporting, giving operations better control over per-site capacities, workforce thresholds and rapid response protocols by user’s location.

CXApp-FindAColleagueFind A Colleague

An in-app company directory provides a holistic picture of departments reporting structures for better organizational awareness. Search for a contact in the central directory, identify their workstation and receive turn-by-turn directions to their space. Book a nearby desk or meeting space to make collaboration easier.


Make the office a fun and easy-going place to be with in-app access to workplace amenities, events, health and wellness, and other bookable opportunities and experiences.

These are just a few of the features available. Contact us to explore what else you can do with this comprehensive solution.

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