Safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners is a top priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. We're currently operating with a full staff, have implemented remote working protocols, and are maintaining standard product support and services to ensure you receive the best service from our team and products. We are also standing by to assist in offering solutions when needed.

Workplace Optimization

Improve space utilization and workforce productivity in your workplace

Workplace Optimization

Equip your operations teams with the comprehensive data and actionable insights they need to make meaningful improvements to your organization’s space utilization and workforce productivity. Inpixon’s Indoor Intelligence platform helps you to allocate resources and manage workplaces more effectively.

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Scalable Solutions

Create scalable solutions with dynamic indoor technologies that meet your current and future needs. Embed extensible location-aware indoor maps into your mobile and web-based staff guidance apps.

Visually Enhance Workflows

Provide operations teams with unparalleled visibility into facilities. Configure and control visual notifications on a map based on custom workflows and business logic.

Visualize Operational Data

Control and configure the visualization and rendering of your data and assets in our dynamic, extensible platform.

The Building Blocks

Your solution is unique to your business. That’s why we’ve built our platform to be flexible and dynamic, allowing you to integrate with third party applications to solve your unique problems.

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