December 4, 2015

Indoor Wayfinding Makes Booking a Meeting Room Easy

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Indoor maps are making it easier for employees to navigate large, complex campuses. Using mobile devices and kiosks, employees are able to search for meeting rooms, hot desks, and co-workers, then, using landmark based navigation, confidently find their way to the relevant person or place. But, indoor wayfinding isn’t just limited to finding people or places.

Combining Indoor Wayfinding, Enterprise Management Platforms (EMP), and Active Directory, employees have the ability to locate and reserve meeting rooms directly from their mobile app.

In today's agile workplace, meeting rooms are one of the hardest things to wrangle. Ad hoc meetings have become commonplace and people are constantly looking for places to meet. The ability to quickly identify, locate, and reserve available space is paramount to a productive environment.

Jibestream’s indoor wayfinding software integrates with Crestron Fusion, giving employees the ability to:

  • Locate and book meeting rooms and workspaces directly from their mobile device;
  • Trigger the launch of meetings and AV equipment based on their proximity to a room or device;
  • Reserve a meeting room or workspace, using a map view instead of a traditional calendar view;
  • Quickly locate and reserve meeting rooms and workspaces in their immediate vicinity;
  • Automatically reserve a meeting room or workspace based proximity–when an employee uses a space, a notification will display prompting the person to book the space.

In addition, the combination of EMP and Indoor Wayfinding technologies brings new insights into employee work patterns and space usage; providing employers and facilities managers with access to data that can be used to design workspaces that support an increasingly transient, agile workforce.


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Jean Moncrieff

Jean Moncrieff is Jibestream's Location Independent Marketing Lead – current location, Italy. In addition to all things marketing, he loves travel, writing, and red wine. Currently experimenting with vegetarianism.

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