The State of Indoor Intelligence 2022

Actionable Insights to Guide Your Year

The State of Indoor Intelligence 2022 report explores how the emergence of new COVID-19 variants and the shift in employee expectations over the past year have impacted the adoption of indoor intelligence in enterprises.

The report also provides a deeper understanding of the current state of indoor intelligence within enterprises including the challenges, goals and aspirations for it in 2022 and beyond.

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Read the Report for a Comprehensive Look Into:

What Indoor Intelligence Means Today

What indoor intelligence is, why it matters and how we've chosen to explore it.

The Strategic Role of Indoor Intelligence

How indoor intelligence will be strategically used by enterprises to strengthen future growth.

Which Indoor Intelligence Use Cases are Most Important

Which indoor intelligence technologies have been adopted and prioritized for implementation.

The Complex Needs & Challenges of Indoor Intelligence Buyers

What enterprise buyers truly want when evaluating and choosing an indoor intelligence solution.

What Enterprises Want to Achieve with Workplace Experience

Its importance, key ROI factors, the teams involved and the ideal post-pandemic workplace model.

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