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Why Top Brands Choose Inpixon

Inpixon helps customers harness the power of their data to create smarter, safer, more secure indoor spaces.

How We Bring
Indoor Intelligence
to Our Customers

With our in-depth expertise and innovative products, we help enterprise organizations around the world understand and optimize their indoors and provide world-class experiences. We provide our customers with complete, end-to-end indoor intelligence for their organization to fulfill their growing needs in security, RTLS, mapping, employee experience and more.



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Customer Success Stories

What Our Clients Are Saying

"We’ve evaluated numerous location technologies and chose Inpixon due to their ability to deliver real-time location of personnel, vehicles and assets, even over relatively long ranges and in RF-challenged environments."

Eric Baker | Chief Innovation Officer, Schauenburg Systems

"We improved our throughput times and increased the productivity of our processes in the warehouse by 40% with the INTRANAV Smart Warehouse solution. This applies to all processes of goods identification as well as storage and retrieval of goods. With the Smart Warehouse solution, we will also increase the efficiency at our other locations sustainably."

Johannes Rudenko | Managing Director Logistics & IT, TB International GmbH

"Working with Inpixon's Chirp is a no-brainer as it allows the integration of a wide range of applications within our IMAGINETM solution suite. These applications, including asset tracking, collision awareness, ventilation on demand, traffic management and many more, increase safety and productivity for the mining industry while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases."


"Identec’s Asset Agent provides the best possible location accuracy and reliability, even in harsh environments with many metal installations. Inpixon's long range and interference resistant Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) radio technology is key to our outstanding location performance."

Christian Aadal | Product Manager Asset Agent, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS NORWAY AS

"At Becker Mining, we have integrated Inpixon location technologies into a range of products for over four years now. We decided to also integrate the Swarm Chirp into Becker’s new generation of underground collision avoidance system."


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