Inpixon RTLS Platform 

Meet the award-winning Inpixon RTLS platform, providing real-time positioning of whatever it is you need to track in order to achieve improved operational efficiencies, reduced costs, and enhanced worker safety. Automate and streamline processes to gain actionable insights for strategic business decisions while enhancing overall equipment effectiveness in manufacturing and intralogistics. The technology-agnostic platform seamlessly integrates positioning and identification data from various RTLS technologies and other sources (IoT, etc.) with ERP, MES, WMS, and other systems.

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Integrated Real-Time Location Technology, Advanced Software & Unparalleled Support

Technology-Agnostic Data Integration
Seamless compatibility with diverse RTLS hardware technologies and other data sources 
Standardized API Interfaces
Seamlessly integrates with ERP, MES, and WMS (and others), employing REST APIs to facilitate easy communication with existing systems
Local (Edge) & Cloud Compatibility
Providing flexibility to cater to the specific requirements and preferences of your business
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High Scalability
Able to meet the stringent requirements of enterprise-level organizations
Industrial Software Modules
For factories, warehouses, digital supply chains, mining and more
All-Inclusive Service & Support
Ensures a smooth start and minimizes downtime

Award-Winning Solutions

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One Platform Delivers Everything You Need

Inpixon RTLS Platform Features

Robust Functionality Built for Complex Enterprise Environments


Real-Time Location Tracking

Instantly locate and monitor the real-time movements of whatever you want to track


Digital Twins & Live Maps

Visualize location data of physical objects or processes, indoor and outdoor


RTLS Device Management

Efficiently manage and configure all RTLS devices for optimal performance



Define geographical zones to trigger actions or notifications upon entry or exit



Receive real-time notifications based on predefined events or conditions


Asset Management

Control, organize, and configure your specific assets


Automation Trigger

Enable automated actions based on defined rules and events


System & User Management

Administer the RTLS system and customize user rights for optimal usage


Extensive Filter Options

Utilize search and filtering features for data selection and display

Location as a Service (LaaS): Simplified RTLS Success

Experience hassle-free RTLS deployments with our subscription model – all-inclusive service, regular maintenance, and ongoing support, all covered by a straightforward recurring fee.

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  • Inpixon assesses assets/people, coverage, and location accuracy needs.
  • All-inclusive Inpixon package covers hardware, software, layout design, mapping, installation, integrations, commissioning, monitoring, maintenance, training, and more.
  • Inpixon ensures accurate asset tracking throughout the subscription duration.

Pay-as-you-go subscription fee results in lower upfront costs!

Inpixon RTLS Platform Modules

Prebuilt Modules Make It Easy


Module — Warehouse

Closed-Loop Feedback in the Digital Twin Realm

The Warehouse module simplifies and accelerates warehouse management through automatic goods receipt and issue recording without the use of scanners for forklifts. This allows for immediate entries in WMS and ERP, along with automatic assignment of transport orders to the fleet. Precise guidance to shelves and the creation of a digital twin of the inventory further streamline processes. Real-time tracking of forklifts and goods, coupled with automated singulation processes, ensure optimal warehouse management. The closed-loop feedback in the Digital Twin realm provides comprehensive tracking 24/7, enabling the identification of goods and storage locations, as well as real-time monitoring of load status.

Key Advantages

Increase productivity up to 40%  through automated goods receipt and optimized shelf guidance.
Streamline throughput times with precise shelf guidance and automated transport order assignments for enhanced efficiency.
Achieve significant cost savings through improved operational efficiency, error reduction, and enhanced resource utilization.
Optimize resources with precise transport order assignments and real-time tracking of forklifts and goods for more efficient operations.
Foster smooth coordination and collaboration among warehouse staff with enhanced communication.
Save valuable time through the implementation of automated processes, real-time tracking, and optimized workflows.
Streamline warehouse management along automated singulation processes, providing insights into inventory occupancy.
Enhance accuracy and reduce errors in inventory management and order fulfillment.
Continuous visibility into goods location and status improves decision-making and minimizes stockouts or overstock situations.
Process Flow

Factory — Process Flow


The Factory  Process Flow module records and monitors workflows in production environments using precise time stamps and zones. It provides a structured representation of production processes to identify and intervene in case of bottlenecks and idle times.

Increase transparency across all production processes to gain a comprehensive overview of actions and dependencies. This increased transparency enables proactive measures for a seamless and efficient production cycle.

Key Advantages

Detailed and transparent view of production processes, enhancing understanding and awareness of operational sequences.
Pinpoint workflow bottlenecks for proactive issue resolution, ensuring a streamlined and efficient production cycle.
A structured, rule-based approach to process management, ensuring precise monitoring and optimization of material movements.
Reduce delays, optimize activity flow, and achieve significant time savings throughout the entire production lifecycle.
Informed and strategic decision-making in operational and continuous improvement initiatives.
Utilize event triggers for prompt employee notifications and seamless integration with third-party systems for effective communication.
Attach metadata to objects during specific process steps for a better understanding of the manufacturing environment.
Analyze zone utilization history to identify bottlenecks and gain insights for continuous improvement in process optimization.
Material Flow

Factory — Material Flow


The Factory  Material Flow module meticulously manages material entry and exit points, providing precise dwell time calculations for accurate control and optimization. It offers real-time location data for materials and transport flows, ensuring immediate visibility. Timestamp precision, recorded to the second for each entry and exit, guarantees a detailed dataset. Dwell time calculation adds insight, empowering decision-makers to identify optimization opportunities and enhance efficiency. The 'End Status' feature defines total cycle time, enabling manufacturers to identify bottlenecks and optimize workflow.

Key Advantages

Gain deep understanding of material movements, identify and resolve bottlenecks, and enhance process efficiency.
Improve decision-making and enable swift responses to dynamic production requirements.
Enhance efficiency, cut unnecessary routes, and minimize production inefficiencies using real-time transparency and precise timestamps.
Tracking and recording the time stamp of the material in each zone, ensuring streamlined cycle time analysis for operational excellence.
Streamline material tracking with status-based filtering and entry & exit control.
The asset visibility enhances item management, allowing for informed decision-making and efficient resource utilization.

Module — Inventory


The Inventory module enables streamlined inventory management and real-time localization, eliminating tedious searches for components, devices, carriers and tools. The Inventory Archiving & Capture System ensures fast and accurate localization, seamlessly integrating new objects.

The module maps the location data of objects as a "digital twin" in a live map and database, providing real-time visibility that reduces search times and increases efficiency. It improves management, facilitates the movement of groups of objects through search and filter functions and triggers zone-based alerts for seamless integration with third-party systems, reducing errors and enabling proactive action.

Key Advantages

Eliminate the tedious search for components, devices, carriers and tools and increase efficiency in various operational areas.
Utilize the innovative Inventory Archiving & Capture System for quick and accurate item localization, saving valuable time.
Map item locations as "Digital Twins" in a live database for immediate and real-time insight into the current position of inventory items.
Streamlined processes lead to considerable time and cost savings and increase overall operational efficiency.
Identify and move entire object groups seamlessly using search and filter functions, enhancing overall inventory management.
Activate zone-based alerts for instant notifications when inventory enters or exits specific zones, ensuring immediate action.
Integrate with third-party systems including ERP and WMS, fostering efficient communication and proactive management to minimize errors.
Integrate and streamline location tracking and inventory management within a unified system.

Module — Shipments


The Shipments module ensures global supply chain visibility by creating a digital twin of shipments and cargo transportation. Tracking all transport destinations, including planned stops, it calculates estimated time of arrival (ETA) based on external data. The system allows input of specific delivery IDs, logistics service provider IDs, and additional information fields. The overview displays all shipments and their statuses, collaborating seamlessly with GPS or third-party devices for continuous monitoring and swift action on delays. Customizable and integrable with third-party providers, it offers real-time alerts for deviations in sensitive goods' conditions and detailed tracking history for in-depth analysis.

Key Advantages

Gain real-time insights into the condition, location, and movement of goods throughout the shipment lifecycle.
Trigger automated actions or alerts as shipments enter or exit designated areas, ensuring proactive management and control.
Gain real-time location updates and ETA calculations for proactive planning and rapid response to potential delays or issues.
Ensure continuous monitoring and receive alerts for sensitive cargo to mitigate the risk of theft or damage.
Streamline the shipment creation process with customizable templates for consistent and efficient workflow.
Gain insights into logistics provider performance: Delivery times, empowering informed decisions on logistics partnerships.
Streamlines GPS tag management, providing instant reports for quick insights into tag activity and status.
Get a consolidated view of all shipment-related information, ensuring a clear understanding of your logistics operations.

Module — Yard


The Yard Module optimizes capacity, reduces search times, and introduces automated workflows for efficient yard operations. Offering real-time visibility and process optimization, it efficiently manages multiple storage areas, monitors occupancy, and minimizes errors through alerts for smooth operations.

The Yard Manager facilitates outdoor storage space management, utilizing GPS tracking devices, CSS-based RTLS, or third-party data sources for visualizing capacity utilization and reducing search times. Users can add multiple storage locations, enhancing transparency and providing a comprehensive overview.

Key Advantages

Significantly reduce the time spent searching for goods in the yard. Increase productivity, and minimize delays.
Enhance operational efficiency by receiving proactive alerts on potential issues or deviations, enabling quick interventions.
Stay informed with instant updates on yard occupancy, ensuring efficient use of storage spaces and streamlined resource planning.
Optimize production speed and throughput by efficiently managing yard spaces. 
Enables the seamless expansion of yard processes: integrating digital vehicle handling, automated communication, digital checklists.
Smart Mine 4.0

Module — Smart Mine 4.0


The Smart Mine 4.0 module ensures real-time monitoring of personnel movements and activities, promoting a safer working environment with a collision avoidance feature. It monitors mining workforce productivity, avoids duplication, and aids in effective planning, supporting proactive equipment maintenance and remote operations. The module addresses efficiency, logistics, and compliance through features like traffic control, inventory alerts, and equipment failure notifications. It reduces search times, optimizes routes, and enables rapid emergency response, enhancing safety with geofencing and zone alerts. The heatmap report analyzes patterns for informed decision-making, providing a comprehensive solution for safety, efficiency, and operational excellence in mining environments.

Key Advantages

Ensuring transparent location awareness in critical areas, proactively minimizing risks, and fostering a safer working environment.
Identify downtime causes and bottlenecks with continuous monitoring. Make informed decisions to optimize operations.
Respond promptly to access-related deviations, ensuring miners and vehicles have the necessary access when needed.
Ensure safety compliance through real-time monitoring and alerts. Receive immediate notifications of unauthorized access.
Monitor blast clearance violations and receive instant alerts. Take immediate action to prevent accidents.
Detect and address deviations in personnel and vehicle shift times to ensure improved adherence.
Ensure accurate role validation. Integrate driver/pedestrian roles for reliable safety alerts, reducing false alarms.
Support personalized access rules, tailoring security and operational control to meet the specific needs of  the mining environment.
Industry 4.0 RTLS Use Cases

One RTLS Platform, Multiple Use Cases

  • Smart Warehouse

    Location data and software digitize the entire inventory, including pallets, crates and bins, creating digital twins that deliver complete transparency and a real-time overview of your inventory. 

    Achieve automatic goods booking in the ERP/WMS system, the most efficient use of storage and transport routes, and optimized allocation of storage locations.

  • Auto-ID & Posting into ERP/WMS

    Automatic identification (AutoID) rationalizes the recording of incoming and outgoing goods, eliminates the need for manual scanning, and automatically posts data into the ERP/WMS. Inpixon enables single-sort bundling and storage of parcels as "virtual pallets" in the ERP/WMS.

  • Smart Forklift

    Real-time location data of the transport vehicles allows routes to be optimized and traffic jams and dangerous situations to be proactively avoided. Equipping the forklift with sensors enables the AutoID detection of goods, which leads to faster throughput times without the driver having to get off the forklift.

  • Fleet Manager

    The implementation of a real-time location system (RTLS) offers many advantages for mixed fleets of autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) and manually controlled vehicles. Through precise positioning, RTLS enables optimized route guidance, minimizes travel times and improves energy efficiency. Real-time status monitoring enables effective fleet monitoring and rapid response to events. Automatic vehicle identification supports the accurate detection and tracking of movements in real time. RTLS also helps prevent collisions between different vehicle types and promotes safety in mixed environments.

  • Collision Avoidance

    Inpixon offers collision avoidance systems for people and industrial vehicles based on location and sensor information. In the event of an potential collision, the system automatically triggers acoustic and visual warning signals. At critical distances, the vehicle automatically slows down or comes to a complete standstill.

    Other safety functions in industrial plants include warning signals when safety limits are exceeded and the detection of unauthorized personnel in sensitive areas.

  • Smart Production

    End-to-end tracking of production orders and real-time digital updates throughout the production process enables efficient plant control. The precise position tracking of load carriers and production goods, combined with automatic cycle feedback in the ERP/MES, supports synchronized pre-assembly and main assembly and reduces idle times. The reduction in manual scans saves valuable time per sequence. The automatic component check based on location information and comparison with the MES minimizes errors in the assembly process. This leads to an increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OOE), which in turn means you can achieve a higher total quantity of goods produced each year.

  • Material Flow Control

    Real-time data provides production and warehouse managers with enhanced process visibility. Inpixon accurately records and monitors processes in both the production and warehouse environments, enabling real-time analyses with time and zone precision. The structured display of assembly and material flow processes in Inpixon RTLS facilitates the immediate identification of bottlenecks and idle times, allowing for targeted interventions and a comprehensive overview of actions and dependencies.

  • Equipment Manager

    Real-time localization for fast positioning, process control, safeguarding, and efficient equipment utilization (OEE). Also, obtain availability of special tools as well as predictive maintenance needs through automated messages.

  • Yard Manager

    View real-time location information of assets, vehicles and people in the yard as a digitized parking lot. Vehicles can be navigated to the correct dock or gate manually or by linking to transport guiding systems. Get control security during the loading of vehicles and automatic alerts in case of delays in the process.

  • Shipment Manager

    Achieve comprehensive global visibility of your supply chain through real-time tracking of freight shipments, including calculated estimated time of arrival (ETA). Continuous monitoring enables immediate action in the event of delays. Precisely monitor the condition of goods and deliveries by measuring temperature, humidity and vibrations. Control container fleet utilization, ensure route compliance, and take action on route anomalies to reduce loss and prevent theft.

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