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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

BLE Powered Solutions

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is an efficient, low-power consuming technology used in many wireless devices and leveraged as a low-cost indoor intelligence hardware option. A crucial RF standard for many location aware-applications, BLE serves as one of the most popular options for asset tracking use cases. BLE offers organizations an extremely flexible, low-cost indoor intelligence option that can be leveraged alone or combined with other RF standards for more comprehensive and precise location-aware use cases.

How Does it Work?

BLE supported indoor intelligence solutions use sensors, ones with either BLE modules or beacons, to detect and locate transmitting Bluetooth devices, asset and personnel tags throughout indoor spaces. Location data collected by the sensors or sent from beacons to mobile devices in client-based deployments, is then ingested by various indoor intelligence solutions and translated into insights that power multiple location-aware use cases.

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Key Benefits

Low Power, Low Cost

BLE’s low power consumption and cost-effective technology make it an ideal RF technology that is leveraged in BLE sensors, beacons, and asset or personnel tags.

Easy to Deploy

BLE offers easy to deploy solutions and flexible hardware options that can be on or independent of your network and simply integrate into your Bluetooth ecosystem.

Extensible Technology

Extend the technology to power multiple location-aware use cases - from asset tracking, Bluetooth device detection, indoor positioning and wayfinding to proximity services, and more.

BLE Supported Inpixon Hardware

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