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Inpixon RTLS Transceivers

High-Performance Chirp (CSS) Transceiver Chips for Custom RTLS Devices

Inpixon transceiver chips provide a more flexible approach to RTLS, bringing an unparalleled balance of positioning accuracy, range and reliability into custom location-aware devices. Powered by our unique 2.4 GHz chirp technology, our chips enable you to develop custom RTLS devices that deliver long-range positioning (up to 500 m) and high location accuracy (1-2 m) with scalability to meet RTLS needs across the entire enterprise. Inpixon’s transceiver chips are low-power, highly integrated and engineered to minimize the external components needed to build a full RTLS node, which supports interoperability with a wide array of custom RTLS device designs.

RTLS-Transceivers-InpixonChipsThey allow you to enable concurrent TDoA-based real-time tracking, ToF-based ranging and wireless communication all with a single, robust location chip. This can power a multitude of location-aware applications including asset & personnel tracking, collision avoidance, automation, location-based services, workflow optimization and more in large-scale industrial and business deployments.

With an Inpixon chip as the centerpiece of your solution, you can integrate high-performance RTLS into your custom solutions while experiencing complete design flexibility and control for tailored hardware that meets your specialized needs and requirements.

The Inpixon nanoLOC transceiver is a low-power, highly integrated mixed signal chip. This 2.4 GHz long range Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) transceiver transmits and receives wireless data packets for robust wireless communication, ranging capabilities and RTLS. Supporting a freely adjustable center frequency with three non-overlapping frequency channels, Inpixon nanoLOC enables multiple physically independent networks and improved coexistence with existing 2.4 GHz wireless technologies.

Features & Specifications

Key Benefits

High Performance

With 2.4 GHz chirp technology, Inpixon transceiver chips enable long-range positioning up to 500 m with indoor and outdoor support, high 1-2 m location accuracy and CSMA to mitigate RF interference. This delivers a unique performance mix, other technologies like Wi-Fi, UWB and BLE can’t deliver.

Design Flexibility

Our open and industry-proven technology allows you to create custom RTLS hardware with complete flexibility and control. Leverage our decades-plus industry expertise, dedicated support, and helpful development tools to ease the development process.

Low Power

Engineered to consume low power, our chips help you achieve optimal operating time of your battery driven devices.

Inpixon Chirp (CSS) Technology

Powered by flexible chirp technology, Inpixon chips deliver high-performance RTLS through chirp’s best-in-class mix of range, accuracy and scalability.

Here are some of chirp technologies' unique characteristics:

  • Longer range than most RF technologies with high accuracy
  • Real-time results, very low latency
  • Indoor to outdoor support, no license needed
  • CSMA support to mitigate interference
  • Very low power consumption
  • Less anchors required for deployments
  • Low cost, great ROI

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Product Inpixon nanoLOC
Description High-performance transceiver chip for custom RTLS devices
Technology Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS)
Frequency ISM-band 2.4 GHz (2.4-2.4835)

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