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Cellular Powered Solutions

Essential in high-security environments, cellular detection helps organizations locate threatening devices, enforce no phone zones, and identify unauthorized off-network device use.

How Does it Work?

Cellular supported indoor intelligence solutions use sensors to detect and locate active cellular signals and devices throughout your indoor space. Location data collected is then ingested by indoor intelligence solutions and translated into insights that help identify threatening, unauthorized, or rogue devices within your secure facility.

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Key Benefits

Critical in High-Security Environments

High-security environments require cellular device detection and positioning to identify and locate threatening wireless devices and cellphones.

Enforce No-Phone Zones

Many government and secure enterprise facilities use cellular device detection and positioning tools to uphold policies that prohibit devices.

Identify Unauthorized Off-Network Device Use

Use cellular to identify device use that bypasses Wi-Fi networks to communicate information out.

Cellular Supported Inpixon Hardware

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