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Real Time Location System Anchors

Scalable, High-Performance RTLS Anchors for the Enterprise

RTLS anchors are radio-frequency (RF) readers that deploy in fixed positions to detect and locate signals from transmitting RTLS tags and devices. For example, in environments like smart factories, businesses will use anchors in real-time location systems to detect and locate transmitting tags carried by workers, powering critical safety use cases such as collision avoidance or safety zoning. They’ll also track tags attached to key assets like production equipment, vehicles and inventories to support enterprise asset management, automation, workflow optimization and more. Other industries, like healthcare use clinical-grade RTLS anchors to help track staff, patients and key medical equipment like defibrillators and more for real-time visibility that helps them deliver vital care in urgent scenarios.

Inpixon RTLS anchors leverage UWB and chirp (CSS) RF technologies to offer both high accuracy cm-level and long-range (up to 500 m) positioning, that can be combined in the same RTLS solution. Built for industrial-grade performance, our RTLS anchors deliver accurate and reliable positioning in many types of facilities – including harsh environments like factories and underground mines (e.g. precious metals, coal, salt), and can operate tracking, ranging and two-way communication concurrently for versatility that supports a variety of location-aware use cases. Their deployment-ready design allows you to easily install, configure and manage your RTLS infrastructure. With our advanced UWB and chirp RF technology, accurate Time-Difference-of-Arrival (TDoA) methodology and patented virtual anchor synchronization, Inpixon RTLS Anchors work alongside our open and industry-proven RTLS components to deliver unparalleled scalability for RTLS solutions that support many thousands of concurrently tracked tags and allow you to easily expand anchor deployments with no additional overhead.

The Inpixon nanoANQ UWB is a deployment-ready, industrial-grade RTLS anchor built for high-precision location tracking applications. Engineered with UWB technology, the Inpixon nanoANQ UWB delivers high accuracy positioning of UWB tracking tags (including any DW1000 powered tag using Inpixon’s blink format) with pinpoint precision in the centimeter-level.

Features & Specifications

The Inpixon nanoANQ Chirp is a deployment-ready, industrial-grade RTLS anchor built for long-range location tracking applications across indoor and outdoor environments. It leverages unique Chirp RF technology to deliver long-range positioning of up to 500 meters with 1-2 meter location accuracy.

Features & Specifications

The Inpixon nanoANQ Chirp PCB is an integration-ready RTLS anchor circuit board that seamlessly adds to custom anchor designs, enabling large-scale location tracking applications with tailored hardware. Built with 2.4 GHz chirp RF technology, the Inpixon nanoANQ Chirp PCB delivers unparalleled long-range positioning of up to 500 meters with 1-2 meter accuracy.

Features & Specifications

How RTLS Anchors Work

How RTLS anchors work diagram

To accurately determine real-time location, Inpixon RTLS anchors, deployed in fixed positions, will concurrently detect signals from transmitting RTLS tags within their communication range. Inpixon RTLS anchors read and time-stamp these received signals, also known as location blinks and forward this data to Inpixon’s nanoLES RTLS software to determine tag positions using advanced TDoA methodology and our patented virtual anchor synchronization. Those coordinates can be used to visualized the location of tracked entity on an indoor map of your space or integrated into various external IoT applications.

RF Technology Infrastructures

Chirp (CSS)

  • 2.4 GHz Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) RF technology
  • Supports long-range location applications indoor and outdoor with 300-500 m range and 1-2 m position accuracy

Ultra-Wideband (UWB)

  • Ultra-wideband (UWB) RF technology
  • Enhanced location resolution (10-50 cm) enables precise applications over short ranges (0-50 m)

Key Benefits


Inpixon RTLS Anchors deliver superior accuracy through UWB positioning with pinpoint precision at the centimeter-level.


With unique 2.4 GHz Chirp RF technology, Inpixon RTLS anchors deliver long-range location tracking up to 500 meters and indoor-outdoor support.

Industrial-Grade Scalability

Patented virtual anchor sync and TDoA methodology offers above-industry scalability for applications that involve thousands of concurrently tracked assets.

Which Inpixon RTLS Anchor is Right for You?

Leverage Chirp, UWB or a combination of both infrastructures in one application concurrently for enhanced deployments that extend application range and scale without adding overhead. Easily add additional anchors deployed on the same network to cover larger areas and add additional tags to increase the number of objects tracked.


Inpixon nanoANQ UWB
Description High accuracy, industrial-grade UWB location sensing RTLS anchor
Technology UWB
Frequency 6 bands with center frequencies between 3.5 - 6.5 GHz
Inpixon nanoANQ Chirp
Description Long-range, industrial-grade 2.4 GHz Chirp RF location sensing RTLS anchor
Technology Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS)
Frequency ISM-band 2.4 GHz (2.4 - 2.4835)
Inpixon nanoANQ Chirp PCB
Description Integration-ready 2.4 GHz Chirp RF RTLS anchor circuit board
Technology Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS)
Frequency ISM-band 2.4 GHz (2.4 - 2.4835)

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