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Inpixon RTLS Tags

Accurate, Reliable and Deployment-Ready Location Tracking Tags

RTLS tags are wireless devices that equip to people, objects or any physical things to digitally track their real-time location and movements throughout large facilities or localized areas. For example, in safety-relevant environments like factories and warehouses or underground mines, businesses will use tags in a real-time location system to digitally track workers, powering critical safety use cases such as collision avoidance or safety zoning. They’ll also track key assets like production equipment, vehicles and inventories to enable enterprise asset management, automation, workflow optimization, paperless facilities and more. Other industries, like healthcare, use clinical-grade RTLS tags to help track staff, patients and key medical equipment like defibrillators, for real-time visibility that helps them deliver vital care in urgent scenarios.

Inpixon’s tag offerings deliver both precise ±40 cm accuracy via UWB and flexible, long-range positioning up to 500 m with chirp (CSS) for high-performance location tracking that supports diverse RTLS needs. Featuring low-power consumption, wireless configurability and industrial-grade reliability, Inpixon RTLS tags offers deployment-ready hardware that you can easily set up, configure and maintain. Support ranging, real-time tracking, and bi-directional communication all with one device, and with data from multiple embedded sensors (location blink, battery voltage, temperature, and accelerometer.) Our tags provide superior versatility enabling a multitude of location-aware use cases. Inpixon RTLS tags work alongside our open and industry proven RTLS anchors, location engine and patented synchronization technology to enable unparalleled deployment scalability that supports thousands of concurrently tracked tags.

Inpixon offers a variety of industrial-grade asset tracking tags including high precision ultra-wideband (UWB) and long-range chirp (CSS) tags. Inpixon’s asset tags accurately track the real-time location and movements of critical mobile assets across large facilities such as warehouses, factories, mining operations, and other process-driven environments. Instantly find the objects, equipment and materials you need and gain insights to optimize asset performance and utilization, automate workflows, reduce downtime and rapidly respond to changing conditions. 

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Inpixon’s personnel tracking tags help you precisely track the location and movements of visitors and employees in real-time to support critical safety, security, and productivity use cases. Create real-time visibility that helps you monitor the location of personnel and mitigate environmental hazards in high-stakes safety scenarios. Generate actionable insights that help you optimize the way people interact with your large-scale facilities and all the processes and assets operating throughout them — from collision avoidance to improved staffing decisions, zone restrictions, and more. 

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Inpixon’s vehicle tags provide real-time transport vehicle tracking that extends indoors and out. Monitor, streamline, and optimize transport processes for forklifts, AGVs, trucks, and other vehicles with Inpixon’s vehicle tags and multi-RF technology suite. Operate with unmatched speed, safety, and efficiency with real-time visibility of your transport fleet.

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Organizations can leverage Inpixon’s RTLS modules, location chips, and expert design services to develop custom RTLS tags for their own proprietary products.

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Key Benefits


Cut time to market with deployment-ready devices supporting multiple use-cases. Quickly set up, activate, and use to deliver RTLS-enabled solutions faster and more cost-effectively.

Performance & Scalability

UWB and chirp RF technologies offer high precision and long-range positioning capabilities suited for a variety of location tracking use cases. Inpixon tags and RTLS devices combine to deliver unparalleled scalability that supports deployments of thousands of concurrently tracked tags.

Low Power Consumption & Simple Management

Inpixon RTLS tags are built for low-power consumption and feature energy saving smart power modes. With their energy-efficient design, wireless configurability, and industrial-grade reliability our tags offer RTLS hardware you can easily install, configure, and maintain.

How RTLS Tags Work

How RTLS tags work diagram

When attached to a tracked entity, Inpixon RTLS tags will send out data encoded signals at continuous intervals. These repeating signals, also known as location blinks, are received by Inpixon RTLS anchors within the communication range of the transmitting tag. Anchors will then send the received data to the central location engine to calculate the tag’s real-time positions. Those coordinates can be used to visualize the location of the tracked entity on an indoor map of your space or integrated into various external IoT applications.

Tags come in all shapes and sizes, from heavy-duty, industrial-grade asset tags, to beacons, ID badges, and more. Using modular components like RTLS modules and chips, organizations can also create custom tags with proprietary designs that meet their unique needs and technical requirements. RTLS tags leverage various radio-frequency technologies suited for different use cases.

Which Inpixon RTLS Tag is Right for You?

Whether you are looking for chirp or UWB technology, Inpixon has deployment-ready location tracking tags to meet your needs.


Description Industrial-grade RTLS tags for real-time asset tracking across large facilities
Description Wearable RTLS tags for precise personnel location tracking use cases
Description Industrial-grade RTLS tags for global location tracking of transport vehicles

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