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Who Are We?

We’re an enthusiastic team of dedicated designers, engineers, specialists and strategists building an indoor intelligence platform that empowers organizations to harness the power of indoor data for their facilities.

We’ve built an exceptional platform with indoor mapping, positioning and analytics, and are taking it all to the next level. We’re looking for the best and brightest to make it easier for organizations to do good with indoor data. Our team prioritizes the motivation, growth, and leadership of individuals from all backgrounds and strongly believes in the value of building and developing a diverse team.

Inpixon is committed to promoting, encouraging and recognizing our core values. We know that what you do is not simply “just a job” – you want to work with like-minded people, be inspired by your colleagues and grow both personally and professionally.

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Working at Inpixon

At Inpixon, we recognize, nurture and promote the people who make our indoor intelligence platform a global leader.

We work together, embracing our core values, to do good with indoor data. Our team is collaborative across continents and offices, and we understand that communication is key, which is why we host regular town halls, product preview demos, leadership summits, social gatherings, and more.

If you want to work in a fast-paced technology environment where initiative, innovation and execution are celebrated, then we want to talk to you.

Current Opportunities (XTI + Inpixon)

Our Core Values

We have four core values that guide how we communicate, collaborate and work towards our shared goal of doing good with indoor data.
These four principles are the building blocks of our culture.


Join Our Team

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, then we have an opportunity for you:

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Together, We Do Good

We believe diversity and inclusion fuels innovation and creativity and helps our people and company grow. At Inpixon, we share a mission and a set of core values that bring us together as a team. Whatever your background, wherever you are, and however you’ve gained your experience, if you are inspired by the power of technology to make life easier, we want to hear from you. Everyone is welcome, supported, and recognized.

Get to know our teams and learn more about what life is like across departments at Inpixon.

Akshaya Mahadevan

Engineering at Inpixon

Our engineers work on the edge of the last great technological frontier, merging location, cellular data, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to harness the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) and create actionable indoor intelligence.

Why join us?

We are committed to using and creating the latest technologies, prioritizing innovation and collaboration, and fostering a true work-life balance. With a global team, we have a truly remote culture that results in less fatigue, flexible hours, and increased productivity. As a company that can pivot to respond to the needs of our clients - from building safety to navigating navigation and indoor analytics, our engineering teams are excited to start work everyday and turn location data into actionable Indoor Intelligence.

Full Stack Team

Build out our 100% SaaS products, including Mapping, Aware, and Analytics. This is a greenfield opportunity to quickly create high quality IOT and AI products that solve real world problems in a mostly unexplored area, enhancing the way people navigate and experience indoor space digitally and in real-time.

Your impact: You will write code that will be accessed by applications and developers all over the world, creating products that respond to indoor mapping data format (IMDF) and enhancing how people navigate indoor spaces and safely and securely.

Your career with us: You will have the chance to grow into a Team Lead, Manager, or Architect role.

Mobile Application Team

Everyday navigation and spatial issues pose challenging and rewarding theoretical and tactile problems. This is a unique opportunity to think creatively, and solve three-dimensional problems.

Your impact: You will have the chance to create never-before-seen mobile features. You will develop product features for our mobile applications, building out and supporting SDKs being accessed by our clients.

Your career with us: You will have the chance to expand your skills and stay on a progressive career track, working on increasingly complex projects and leading discussions across the product team.

UI/UX Team

Manage complex design portfolios, providing insight on product enhancements to drive customer success and satisfaction. This is a unique chance to explore the unknown and develop inclusive, engaging, accessible online experiences that are industry-leading.

Your impact: You will have the chance to influence Inpixon's products, collaborate across the technology and customer success teams, and present to internal and external stakeholders at all levels.

Your career with us: You will have the chance to move into a Product Manager role, work with large amounts of data creating visualizations, or potentially build out and lead a design team.

Ready to join our engineering team?

Current Opportunities (XTI + Inpixon)

Steph Guarini and Dana Marciniak-Wyse

Success & Implementation at Inpixon

Our Customer Success and Implementation teams are our product champions and consultants, guiding our customers through the entire lifecycle from implementation to deployment. Collectively, they own customer success and business growth aspects for our business. 

Why join our team?

Everyone at Inpixon is engaged with what we do, who we do it with and why we do it. We are willing to take risks, try new things, fail fast and learn from our mistakes. Accountability and responsiveness guide the way we work with each other and our customers. Our Success and Implementation teams are excited to come to work every day, with the mindset that their work is linked to our internal and external growth, and helping to directly solve complex customer problems.

Implementation Team

Onboard new enterprise customers, work in close partnership to elicit requirements, determine needs, and successfully deliver our projects to market. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone looking to put their leadership skills on display, as you will manage and coordinate cross-functional teams and their end-to-end activities from initiation to completion. 

Your impact: You will be part of a dynamic company where you can take ownership for eliminating pain points in deployment, and solving problems to build out our onboarding and implementation processes.

Your career with us: You will have the opportunity to build out and define your role, work in close partnership with the senior management team, and make a critical contribution to our methodology and practices. It’s a growth opportunity for anyone looking to get exposure to the forefront of a fast-growing market segment that will continue to evolve and develop long into the future.

Success Team

Engage with customers, and impact success during the product implementation process. Work with customers to guide them through implementation and deployment. Gain insights across the company as you interact with multiple teams, products, and customers, growing your understanding of how our products are used and sharing this invaluable feedback.

Your impact: You will gain the trust of internal and external stakeholders at any level, help to solve complex business problems, and grow our product awareness. It’s a chance to take complete ownership of internal and external customer success while delivering a unified service.

Your career with us: You will have the chance to offer impactful direction to our customers, and gain insights and mentorship from senior leaders to further your own career development.

Ready to join our success and implementation team?

Current Opportunities (XTI + Inpixon)

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Our Sales team is pivotal to the success and overall growth of our entire business. From bringing in leads and presenting demos, to finding the right technical solutions for our customers, they are the backbone of our business and play an important role in our go-to-market strategy. 

Why join our team?

Not only do we put a major focus on promoting internal growth, we are hyper-focused on innovation and keeping people safe with our technology. Your involvement will directly impact the way our customers interact with indoor spaces. You will help make our indoor environments smarter and safer and will be contributing to improving indoor experiences at scale.

Sales Engineers

As a Sales Engineer, you'll bridge your technical experience with your client-facing ability, dive into the details for our product offerings, and play a critical role in the success of our sales efforts and resulting growth. 

You will work with sales, development, and product to understand the needs of the prospect and rapidly convert those requirements into interactive, customized demonstrations. You will capture the full Inpixon experience, conveying the extent of our technical expertise and capabilities.

Your impact: You will design and develop proof-of-concept based on the business needs and technical requirements of prospects. You will channel your technical expertise and customer-facing experience to make presentations that educate, engage, and entice prospects.

Your career with us: The market is at a turning point: location intelligence has moved from a nice-to-have to a must-have. You will be at the forefront of a fast growing segment, implementing and integrating solutions that will change the world - and the way we interact with it. You will have the chance to move up in your role, into product, or into sales. There are no limits to what you can do here.

Account Managers

This is an opportunity to grow your career and make a significant  impact on the entire organization. This team is focusing on breaking new ground, and bridging the gap between indoor mapping and real-time predictive data solutions. 

Your impact: You will use your in-depth knowledge of the sales process and your technical expertise, combined with your winning attitude, to help close deals. You will build relationships and proactively qualify clients while continuously nurturing new and existing relationships with clients and colleagues.

Your career with us: This is a tight-knit sales team that offers the opportunity to gain exposure to global customers and directly impact Inpixon’s overall growth. You will have the chance to work with senior leaders across the organization and gain access to mentorship, therefore furthering your own career development.

Business Development Representatives

As a member of our BDR team, you will play an integral cross-functional role, and provide essential support to the overall revenue function at Inpixon. You will source new revenue streams, follow up on inbound leads, and help grow and expand the Inpixon footprint. 

Your impact: Your impact will proactively qualify B2B clients and partners while continuously nurturing new and existing supportive relationships with clients, channel partners and colleagues.

Your career with us: There is  an abundance of opportunity to build your dream career at Inpixon. We have created an environment where you will grow both personally and professionally, through collaboration and putting forth a safe space to learn and tap into your curiosity. 

Ready to join our sales team?

Current Opportunities (XTI + Inpixon)