Location Technology Solutions for Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehousing & Production Environments

Use indoor intelligence and real-time visibility to connect assets, personnel and industrial processes

Build Smarter Industrial Operations Through Real-Time Location

Faced with widespread disruption, intense strains throughout global supply chains, and accelerating consumer expectations, manufacturers need to make their operations smarter than ever before. Survival, success and differentiation hinges on your ability to optimize almost all aspects of your business to rapidly deliver high-quality products and services better, faster and more safely.

Inpixon gives you the tools you need to create end-to-end transparency across your operations through real-time location and intelligent digital twins. With Inpixon you can create connected visibility between people, assets and physical processes that allows you to optimize safety, efficiency and agility. Precisely track personnel and assets, power automated collision avoidance systems, proximity detection applications, and more in various industrial environments.

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Key Benefits

Enhance Safety & Prevent Costly Incidents

Create automated visibility and trigger real-time alerts and actions to help identify, prevent and respond to threats to worker safety. Improve compliance efforts and power use cases like collision avoidance, employee mustering, evacuations, worker search and rescue, contact tracing and more.

Improve Efficiency & Streamline Workflows

Leverage location to help boost productivity and connect siloed processes. Better optimize industrial processes with real-time visibility that helps you identify bottlenecks, enhance automation, improve asset utilization and more.

Drive Business Results

Harness location data and context to make smarter more informed decisions, improve resource allocation, reduce costs, boost production speed, throughput and quality, and more. Create agile, resilient operations to mitigate volatility and disruption from today’s uncertain market.

Location-Aware Technologies For Industry 4.0

Use real-time location to transform manufacturing operations and make them safer, more agile, and productive. Our flexible technology helps you create tailored solutions to meet a wide array of location-aware needs.

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