Scalable Location Tracking Solutions for Mining, Oil and Gas

Real-time visibility to create safer, smarter, more profitable mining operations

Power Real-Time Tracking, Collision Avoidance and Proximity Applications Deep Underground and Across Remote Open Mines

The unpredictable nature of mining environments has always made ensuring safe and profitable operations an unrelenting challenge.

  • Hazardous, unstable environments require automated situational awareness to prevent and respond to worker safety incidents
  • Asset-intensive processes demand workflow optimization, automation, better allocation and reduced downtime for vehicles, equipment, and machinery
  • Market volatility means operations need to be agile and responsive

Inpixon provides you with key components required to integrate real-time location into your mining operations. Precisely track personnel and assets, power automated collision avoidance systems, proximity detection applications, and more - underground, inside buildings and outdoors.

Mining organizations worldwide leverage Inpixon’s location technology and decades of experience to create real-time visibility that helps enhance safety and prevent incidents, boost efficiency and drive business results.

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Key Benefits

Enhance Safety & Prevent Incidents

Create real-time visibility and use location to automate emergency alerts and actions to help identify, prevent, and respond to threats to worker safety, theft, and waste. Improve compliance efforts and power use cases like collision avoidance, intelligent safety zones and geofencing, mustering, evacuation, search, and rescue and more.

Improve Efficiency and Optimize Processes

Extract the most value from your mining environment. Leverage location to help boost operational efficiency and connect siloed processes. Instantly track assets, work in progress, maintenance and repair orders and reduce search times, identify potential bottlenecks, and process inefficiencies, enhance automation and predictive maintenance, and more.

Scalability & Performance for Mining 4.0

Scale to support deployments of thousands of concurrently tracked entities to create mine-wide transparency. Easily expand deployments and functionality to power diverse Mining 4.0 use cases today and tomorrow. Build tailored solutions while ensuring high accuracy, low-latency, and superior reliability in harsh environments for performance that delivers in mission-critical mining applications.

"We’ve evaluated numerous location technologies and chose Inpixon due to their ability to deliver real-time location of personnel, vehicles and assets, even over relatively long ranges and in RF-challenged environments."

Eric Baker | Chief Innovation Officer, Schauenburg Systems

"Working with Inpixon's Chirp is a no-brainer as it allows the integration of a wide range of applications within our IMAGINETM solution suite. These applications, including asset tracking, collision awareness, ventilation on demand, traffic management and many more, increase safety and productivity for the mining industry while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases."


"Identec’s Asset Agent provides the best possible location accuracy and reliability, even in harsh environments with many metal installations. Inpixon's long range and interference resistant Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) radio technology is key to our outstanding location performance."

Christian Aadal | Product Manager Asset Agent, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS NORWAY AS

"At Becker Mining, we have integrated Inpixon location technologies into a range of products for over four years now. We decided to also integrate the Swarm Chirp into Becker’s new generation of underground collision avoidance system."


RF Technologies Built for Superior Mining Performance

Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS)

  • Accuracy: 1-2 m*
  • Long-Range: 10-500 m* (indoor and outdoor)
  • Low Latency: 
    • TDoA: < 1 ms second to get location*
    • TWR: < 3 ms*
  • CSMA support to protect against RF interference, multipath fading and doppler effect
  • Very low power consumption


  • Precision Accuracy: +/- 40 cm*
  • Range: 10-50 m*
  • Low Latency: 
    • TDoA: < 1 ms to get location*
    • TWR: < 5 ms*
  • Immune to narrowband RF interference
  • Low power consumption

*With optimal conditions and deployment

Create a Smart, Connected Mine

Use real-time location to transform mining operations and make them safer, more agile, and productive. Our flexible technology helps you create tailored solutions to meet a wide array of location-aware needs.

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