Case Studies

Our customers are leveraging their data to create actionable indoor intelligence!

The opportunities are limitless when you unlock indoor intelligence. Here’s how some of Inpixon’s clients are harnessing our technology to design exceptional indoor experiences that are smart and secure.

Palo Alto Networks showcase


Palo Alto Networks, took an integrated approach to adopting a platform that streamlines their most-used workplace tools into one control center - the Palo Alto Connected app. Using the app, they can optimize their IT workflows and deploy a cohesive technology stack for employees across their company headquarters in Santa Clara.

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One Workplace Showcase


One Workplace, California’s largest commercial interiors provider, leveraged Inpixon’s mobile SaaS app platform to revolutionize the way their employees interacted with their workplaces. By providing a holistic, location-aware employee app, One Workplace created a solution that made the work environment safer, while respecting worker autonomy.

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Mall of America Showcase

Mall of America

Mall of America uses Inpixon’s indoor mapping platform to revolutionize retail with indoor intelligence and location technology. In addition to providing digital wayfinding for guests, Inpixon empowers Mall of America to access robust data analytics, offer smart parking, and look towards a future of IoT use cases while freeing up capacity for their IT resources.

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Lee Health Showcase

Lee Health

Southwest Florida’s largest healthcare system, Lee Health, leveraged Inpixon’s indoor mapping technology to build a patient app that creates exceptional experiences across the entire continuum of care. By providing indoor wayfinding for patients, the team at Lee Health has laid the foundation for a Real-Time Health System across their network, differentiating themselves in today’s competitive healthcare market with their commitment to innovating and improving patient experiences.

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Desjardins Showcase


As North America’s largest federation of credit unions, Desjardins has over 45,000 employees serving 7 million members and clients. When a major team made the decision to move to Montréal’s Olympic Stadium, it kickstarted a consultative digital transformation that resulted in the creation of a robust employee app with location-aware services for 1,600 employees spread across 7 floors with no assigned seating. Find out how Desjardins leveraged indoor mapping and location technology to create a smart workplace in this global architectural landmark.

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Kaleida Health

Kaleida Health is the largest healthcare provider in Western New York State, serving more than a million patients across their five hospitals of varying age and complexity. Find out how the team at Kaleida Health leveraged our indoor mapping and real-time location technology to build an award-winning indoor wayfinding experience across their network of healthcare facilities.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Tools like Inpixon have become critical in our ecosystem for the single source of truth, streamlining our maintenance, and creating a better property experience."

Jeanette Smrcka, Mall of America

"With the tools, platform, support, and communication the Inpixon team has delivered, we were able to build a solution that not only satisfies our business requirements, but also dazzles our patients."

Jonathan Witenko, Lee Health

"Inpixon was a key partner in Desjardins’ journey to creating a smart workplace app for our new corporate office."

Serge Bendahan, Desjardins

"Having Inpixon as a partner allows us to think more outside the box of traditional guest-facing applications and bring dynamic mapping to some of our internal facing applications."

Patrick Wand, Mall of America

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