Inpixon’s open, standardized approach to RTLS integration empowers you to seamlessly connect your real-time location system with the tools you already use. Leverage open APIs, industry-standard protocols (like MQTT and CoAP), and support for IoT and PLC integration to effortlessly bridge your RTLS with ERP, WMS, MES, SAP®, and more. Unlock enhanced automation, real-time data visibility, and streamlined operations across your industrial environment. You can even build your own application on top of Inpixon RTLS with streamlined app development and quick time to deployment.

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Open APIs and Standardized Protocols Enable Effective RTLS Data Integration

Integration into various software applications such as ERP, WMS, MES, PP, SCM, CRM, IoT Platforms, BI & Analytics, EAM, PLM, Fleet Management, and others is facilitated.

Open Interfaces (APIs)
  • Provision of open and well-documented APIs
  • Enables developers to easily access RTLS functionalities
  • Users and developers can create individual API Keys.
Support for RTLS Standards
  • omlox enables simultaneous existence of diverse networks and RTLS technologies
  • Seamless RTLS integration across multiple applications 
Support for Industry Standards
  • OPC UA
  • Facilitates the collaboration of RTLS with other systems
Standardized Protocols
  • Promoting interoperability between diverse RTLS devices and systems




IoT Standards Integration
  • MQTT, CoAP or LwM2M
  • Interoperability in IoT
  • Incorporation of RTLS into broader IoT application
Cloud Integration
  • Integration of RTLS data in cloud platforms
  • Enables central management and analysis of location information
Standardized Data Formats
  • Use of formats such as JSON or XML
  • Simplifies data exchange between different RTLS components and systems
RTLS Integration in PLC
  • Allows comprehensive control and automation of processes
  • Particularly effective when linking location data with control and regulation tasks

Benefits of Integrating Location Data Into ERP (and Other) Systems for Enhanced Automation and Visibility

The seamless integration of real-time location systems (RTLS) into enterprise operating systems like SAP® not only provides precise real-time localization but also offers diverse automation possibilities and enhanced utilization of identification information.

Benefits of RTLS Integration in Enterprise Operating and Logistics Systems:


Real-Time Data for Decision-Making

Companies gain real-time localization data through RTLS integration into third-party systems, facilitating informed and timely decision-making.


Capture of Operational Data

The integration enables the automated capture of operational data in real-time, resulting in a comprehensive and accurate database.


Easy Implementation and Scalability

The integration is straightforward to implement and allows for seamless scalability according to evolving company requirements.


Automation possibilities

Get instant alerts for predefined events, set up geographic zones to trigger actions, and automate processes in production, warehouse management, and the supply chain based on defined rules and events.


Efficient Warehouse Management

Integration into WMS (warehouse management systems) optimizes warehouse management through real-time tracking of goods and resources. Automated inventory updates and movements are possible.


Automation of Business Processes

Linking RTLS with enterprise operating and logistics Systems allows for the automation of business processes, ranging from automated warehouse movements to inventory management.


Accuracy in the Supply Chain

RTLS integration in supply chain management systems (SCM) enhances supply chain accuracy with precise tracking information in real-time. Automated notifications for discrepancies enable swift responses.

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We Support RTLS Data Integration with the Following SAP® Products

Logistics and Supply Chain:

  • SAP® Extended Warehouse Management
  • SAP® Logistics Business Network
  • SAP® Yard Logistics
  • SAP® Transportation Resource Planning
  • SAP® Supply Chain Management


  • SAP® Manufacturing Execution
  • SAP® S/4HANA Manufacturing
  • SAP® S/4HANA Production Planning
  • SAP® Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence
  • SAP® Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Enterprise Asset Management:

  • SAP® Asset Intelligence Network (AIN)
SAP® is a registered trademark of SAP® SE or its affiliates in Germany and in several other countries.



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