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Ultra-Wideband (UWB)

UWB Powered Solutions

Breathtakingly precise, UWB brings game changing asset tracking capabilities into indoor intelligence solutions. The low frequency, high bandwidth technology gives organizations the ability to track tagged assets and personnel with unparalleled accuracy. UWB can be leveraged independently or with other RF technology for more comprehensive location-aware applications.

How Does it Work?

UWB supported indoor intelligence solutions use ultra-wideband sensors or anchors to detect and locate UWB tagged assets and personnel throughout your indoor space. Unlike other RF technologies that use signal strength (RSSI) to determine location, UWB sensors typically determine device location by measuring time of flight (ToF). Location data collected by the sensors is then ingested by various indoor intelligence solutions and translated into insights that show the precise location and movements of their UWB tags.

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Key Benefits

Unparalleled Accuracy

UWB technology provides accuracy down to the centimeter level, making it the premier choice for advanced location-aware applications.


With UWB, organizations can experience asset and personnel tracking like never before. High accuracy and low latency, UWB gives you the precise real-time locations and movements of UWB tags.

Goes Through Walls

Ultra-Wideband’s short-range and high frequency gives it the ability to travel through physical obstructions like walls.

UWB Supported Inpixon Hardware

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