The “Blink"

Decawave UWB D1000 Compatibility via “Blink” Open Communication Format

Inpixon’s Interoperable RTLS Technology for Tailored Location-Aware Solutions

The “Blink” is an open communication format published by Inpixon that enables compatibility between Qorvo’s Decawave DW1000-based tags and devices and Inpixon’s scalable location sensing technology. Blinks are location updates sent by RTLS tags, including location and contextual data that is then processed by the rest of the real-time locating system. Any custom tag based on Qorvo’s Decawave DW1000 UWB or the Inpixon nanoLOC Chirp transceiver chips, can use our open blink format to communicate with Inpixon RTLS anchors. This allows you to simplify the complexity of deploying RTLS infrastructure with our scalable, easy-to-implement anchors that alongside our high-performance Inpixon nanoLES RTLS software, enables real-time positioning for over thousands of concurrently tracked entities – all while using custom tags.

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Inpixon's Blink open communication format diagram

Key Benefits

Track any DW1000 Tag

Implement the “Blink” in any Decawave DW1000 or Inpixon nanoLOC based tag, allowing for custom RTLS tags that meet your exact needs, functional and compliance requirements.


The “Blink” enables RTLS solutions with our custom tags that can work alongside our highly scalable RTLS infrastructure and RTLS software to support large-scale deployments of thousands of concurrently processed blinks. Add more anchors and tags when you need them – no cell structure, no overhead.


RTLS deployments leveraging our blink technology can also gain access to additional solution components (analytics, map, etc.).

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