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Indoor Positioning

Leverage indoor positioning to make indoor spaces discoverable

What is Indoor Positioning?

Indoor positioning systems (IPS) can most easily be explained as GPS for indoor locations. An indoor positioning system allows users to accurately pinpoint the location of people or assets inside a building using smartphones, mobile devices, tracking tags or other devices.

How Does it Work?

Using a variety of sensors, IPS technology detects and tracks data about a device’s location. This can be accomplished using either internal sensors and radio receivers in smart phones and other IoT wearable devices or with radio frequency sensors, or anchors, installed throughout an indoor space. The location data is ingested by the positioning system generating accurate coordinates which are displayed on a dynamically updated map.

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Create Indoor Intelligence

Gain valuable insights into space utilization patterns with live indoor location intelligence.

Enhance Experiences

Create enhanced user experiences with high accuracy, no latency blue dot to provide precise indoor location.

Increase ROI

Enhance your solutions with precise location for unparalleled indoor experiences.

Create Smart Indoor Spaces with Indoor Positioning

Inpixon's indoor positioning solution leverages a suite of blue dot indoor location and motion technologies in combination with Inpixon’s sensors, to provide users with an advanced and accurate real-time indoor location and positioning services. Our technology-agnostic architecture also gives you the flexibility to optionally leverage your existing infrastructure or work with one of our ecosystem partners, ensuring the right fit for your indoor positioning needs.

When combined with our Indoor Intelligence solutions, users can create smart indoor spaces with location awareness, analytics and interactive maps.

Award-Winning Solutions

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Additional Components of Indoor Intelligence

Equip yourself with the tools to capture, interpret and give context to your indoor data.

RTLS for Industrial IoT

Precise, accurate, and industry-leading real-time location systems. Purpose-built for highly complex industrial, manufacturing, & warehousing environments.

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RTLS Integrations

Inpixon’s open, standardized approach to RTLS integration empowers you to seamlessly connect your real-time location system with the tools you already use.

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Wireless Device Detection

Create situational awareness with precise indoor positioning and wireless device detection and make informed decisions around security, risk mitigation and public safety.

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