July 7, 2022

INTRANAV, an Inpixon Company Extends the omlox Standard with Chirp

INTRANAV, an Inpixon company has extended their offerings with chirp technology in the omlox community, a standard for locating technologies which enables unified access to location data.

In April 2021, INTRANAV expanded their RTLS portfolio, including their INTRANAV.IO interface, by joining the PROFIBUS | PROFINET Organization, a prerequisite for being a member of omlox. Omlox is hosted, developed, and promoted by PROFIBUS | PROFINET International (PI), which is a community with more than 1,700 members worldwide, including leading automation suppliers.

INTRANAV, an Inpixon company now plans to extend the omlox standard with an additional RF location technology in 2023 - the chirp spread spectrum (CSS). INTRANAV, an Inpixon company aims to add omlox-certified devices in 2023, and continue expanding their offerings in the locational and IIoT market.

Chirp complements the existing and supported technologies in the omlox standard with a best-in-class mix of ranging (500m+), accuracy (within 1-2 meters), and stronger reliability, in optimal deployment conditions. Many use cases, such as underground mines, manufacturing and livestock applications benefit from this mix of features.

INTRANAV, an Inpixon company’s RTLS IoT platform INTRANAV.IO connects and processes location data while integrating with industry-relevant systems like the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) or MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), allowing organizations to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations.  

With the open RTLS standard omlox, RTLS networks and technologies from a variety of vendors can be purchased together. Therefore, multiple positioning applications can be mapped and integrated simultaneously using a single infrastructure, all orchestrated via the INTRANAV.IO platform. Since the same infrastructure is being used in this model, it also lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), enabling the integration of different applications and making it an attractive option for many customers.

Moreover, the omlox community is a collaborative effort between well-known hardware and software companies contributing their experiences, increasing the value of the solutions being offered. The benefits of being a part of the omlox community include offering seamless indoor & outdoor tracking across technological boundaries and standardizing open interfaces, which paves the way for smart factories. Omlox makes solutions open and interoperable, making it suitable for customers who don't want to be locked-in by a vendor. Solutions can also be sold to customers who have already invested in omlox-compatible RTLS products, widening INTRANAV's potential market share.  

Learn more about INTRANAV, an Inpixon company’s partnership with omlox, here

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