Inpixon Sensor 4000

Wireless Device Detection and Positioning Sensor

Wi-Fi, BLE and Cellular. All in One Sensor.

With so many types of devices in today’s indoor spaces, you need a sensor powerful enough to keep up. That’s why our award-winning Sensor 4000 combines passive Wi-Fi, BLE/Bluetooth, and cellular sensing technology for comprehensive wireless device detection and positioning, giving you a 360-degree view of transmitting devices in your space. View Price List.

How it Works

Discreetly deployed into indoor spaces, Inpixon Sensor 4000 sensors continuously scan your radio frequency (RF) environment for signals from Wi-Fi, BLE/Bluetooth, and cellular devices. The sensors passively detect the transmitting devices and pinpoint their locations via multi-sensor trilateration. Sensor data is ingested by Inpixon’s indoor intelligence platform to visualize the presence, location, and movements of devices, as well as identify rogue or unauthorized devices in secure zones.

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Key Benefits

Comprehensive Device Visibility

Passively detect signals across the RF spectrum for enhanced device visibility within your premises. Track Wi-Fi, BLE/Bluetooth, and cellular devices without requiring network connectivity or an app.

Superior Accuracy

Deploy best in class sensors, built with advanced hardware components and multiple RF radios that use sensor trilateration to deliver more accurate, reliable, and faster indoor location results than single RF standard positioning or proximity solutions. 

Enterprise, Government Grade

Enhance security, meet government/industry compliance requirements, and power location-aware business use cases with Inpixon’s scalable solutions.

Deployed in Some of the World's Most Secure Indoor Spaces

The Inpixon Sensor 4000 delivers high-performance wireless device detection and positioning and is trusted in some of the world’s most secure government and private facilities.

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